Sassy Minx Party – Themed 50 Shades Hens Night

April 16, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Sassy Minx Party – Themed 50 Shades Hens Night

If your planing a hens night and are up for a night of wild fun, why not have a 50 Shades of Grey themed party with Sassy Minx Boutique! Here’s a preview into what a 50 Shades hens night entails.

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What inspired you to start “50 Shades of Grey” inspired hens parties?

50 Shades has been such a phenomenon that it is such a talking point with women – it just made sense to create a Hens night that incorporated it.

Whilst I wanted to put a more educational spin onto my sex toy parties, the 50 Shades party seemed to be a perfect fit as it is still educational whilst being quite risqué.

I hosted a trial party and it was very well raved about so this is how the Sassy Minx 50 Shades party was born.


What does a usual “50 Shades of Grey” hens party entail?

These parties are all about releasing your inner minx so starting with some champagne and nibbles is essential. After a cheeky ice-breaker game your Sassy ‘Sexpert’ Host will guide you into Christian Grey and Anastacia Steele’s naughty, fascinating and kinky sex life. The girls will learn plenty of tips and tricks to take home into the bedroom and explore with your partner. From learning new sexual positions talked about in the trilogy books, discovering ways to incorporate BDSM into any relationship in a non-invasive way to learning blow-job techniques and an introduction to using sex toys.  The girls absolutely love the giggly and informative atmosphere, and there is always a male waiter there to serve drinks and be at  their beckon call.

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What tips do you suggest for bridesmaids organising hens parties, are they any tools online you could recommend they use?

There are a lot of websites and blogs online now that provide Hen’s party checklists and timelines to ensure you are on time and organised with everything.

Sassy Minx will be soon be incorporating a special section in her website for Hen’s planning, which will be new to the industry so keep your eyes peeled for that this year!

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What do you love most about your job?

The women that I meet make me smile and laugh at every party I host! There are women from all walks of life and I certainly love being able to give them information on their sexual health and wellness that will either improve their relationship with their partners, or even with themselves.

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Have you got any funny stories from hens parties you have worked on?

Oh where do I start? There are funny stories from every Hen’s party I host but one that sticks out with me was a recent party in Brisbane. There was a BridesMAN there instead of all bridesmaids, and he was the absolute life of the party.

Normally these parties are women only (besides the male waiters), but I certainly made an exception this time. He was running around spanking all of the women with paddles we were using in the Fifty Shades party, and generally just making every girl there have the time of her life!

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