About us

Invitations are the first step on the way to your beautiful day.

Classic Wedding Invitations creates unique and delicate wedding invitations and stationery. The designs are made using revolutionary laser cutting technology, insuring each invitation is produced with precision and beauty.

Every detail plays an important part in arriving at perfection. This is especially true when it comes to planning your wedding. An invitation is the first hint your special guests receive in the lead up to the celebration. It should set the theme of the day, charm and excite them.

For a lasting impression Classic Wedding Invitations creates unique and delicate wedding stationary. The intricate detailing and high quality materials contribute to the unique romantic feel of every composition.

Invitations are designed by Beetle creative and also by our in-house designers. They are laser cut by Melbourne Laser Cutter in Melbourne. Classic Wedding Invitations is part of the Lydra Group collective.


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