What to Avoid When Shopping your Wedding Dress?

December 27, 2016 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Your wedding dress is the most crucial, if not, the most important dress in your wedding. Weddings are made for brides. You must be the center of attraction during your wedding day. You must be dreaming or planning your wedding dress all your life but there are things to avoid when shopping your wedding dress.

Here are the things you must avoid during your Wedding Dress shopping:

Trying on Too Many Dresses

This is very common mistake when shopping for a wedding dress. Trying on too many dresses is dangerous because they will start to blend together and nothing stands out. How will you know if you tried to many? It’s best to choose at most 5 wedding dress of your choice. Trying on too many dresses leads to confusion, so when you find the dress you love and can picture yourself in on the big day, stop shopping!

Trying On Dresses You Can’t Afford

When preparing a wedding, you need to set a budget on what you can afford. You might want the best wedding dress for your wedding but trying on dresses you can’t afford can lead you to indulge your budget solely on your wedding dress. This can compromise other things especially if you are in tight budget. Expensive doesn’t always mean it looks good on you. Choose a wedding dress that can compliment your figure.

Bringing too many (or the wrong) people shopping

A lot of times brides bring too many people to their appointment and all the different opinions make it harder to make a decision. Sure, it sounds like a blast to model dresses for all your bridesmaids or a gaggle of close cousins, aunts, and your mom, but more people means more conflicting opinions. You might bring in someone who is bitter and will never like whatever you wear just because she hates weddings! Bring one or two trusted people that you can rely on to be honest and constructive.  In fact, some experts recommend a solo shopping trip first, then bring in back-up once you’ve narrowed down your options to a few looks you love.

Shopping for a wedding dress too early or too late

You may be antsy to start looking for your dream gown, but hold off until you have the date and venue set. Of course, you need to have a wedding dress that will match your venue. You can wear a lavish gown in a beach wedding, right? It takes 4-6 months to order your dress in and your seamstress will want approximately 2-3 months for alterations. Also, some busy bridal salons require appointments and often book up far in advance, so you’ll probably need to schedule extra time just to get in to try anything on.

Ignoring about the Comfort

Brides should consider what looks and feels good on them rather than blindly following bridal design trends. Don’t feel pressured to get a particular design just because it’s in fashion right now, but stick to your style instincts about what looks best on you, and you’ll feel more confident and comfortable in your wedding dress. Your wedding gown should not only look great on you, it should be physically comfortable too, for you to really enjoy your special day. You might ruin your own wedding happy mood because you so uncomfortable with your wedding dress.

Not Accounting For Extra Costs

Every wedding dress needs to be altered. The gowns are made in standard sizes so to make your wedding gown fit perfectly adjustments will need to be made. Sometimes you can get away with just a hem and a bustle or a tuck in the bust, but maybe you want to add sleeves to your strapless dress or have the seamstress add or remove beading. Take into consideration alterations costs when planning the budget for your wedding gown.

Ignoring the Quality of the Gown’s Fit

For starters, you need to have at least 3 wedding fittings to make sure your wedding dress fit’s perfectly. During the first fitting, brides try on their gowns with the intended shoes, taking in minor alterations on the gowns if needed. After seeing the overall visual impact, we will advise them on details they want to be added, such as beading, embellishments, and lace. A second fitting is after will have the finished gown ready for the bride to try on, along with a trial hair and makeup session. Final fittings are arranged nearer to the wedding date, to ensure perfect fit. A great fit is also essential to how good a gown will look on you, as opposed to how good it looks in designed sketches, or on the mannequin. After all, a great design looks good only on paper or on the rack unless there is an able tailoring team to capture the spirit and feel of the design.

Final word:

Now you know what to avoid, always follow your instincts. Happy Shopping!


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