Bride Dresses- Craig Braybrook Couture

March 28, 2014 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Check out these custom bride dresses by Craig Braybrook Couture!

Currently based in Collingwood, Victoria, Craig Braybrook has been in the fashion industry for nearly 30 years. He is a talented Australian designer of bride dresses, race wear and evening gowns. Craig’s signature style revolves around simple silhouettes with unique embellishments, whether it be hand-painting, or delicate crystal beading- ensuring a gown is as individual and unique as the bride herself. Each gown is custom made and fitted to ensure an impeccable and unique finish. In 2012 at the Australian Fashion Awards, Craig Braybrook Couture won Bridal Gown of the Year. Craig is definitely a designer will be keeping a closer eye on in the near future.

Craig braybrook cutout dress

Craig braybrook

bride dresses

Craig braybrook trail dress

craig braybrook lace

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