How to Choose Your Wedding Songs – The Ultimate Guide

July 4, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Wedding Songs

How to Choose Your Wedding Songs

Your wedding songs are big part of your wedding. If you are planning one, you need to make decisions on what wedding songs that suits your theme, your personality, and the different part of your wedding ceremony up to the reception.

Below, you’ll find all the major categories from for music you’ll need to figure out, and other parts of the day you may not have thought of yet.

  • Processional: This is the music that accompanies the walk down the aisle. You’ll need to pick a song for your bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to, and then a song for the bride’s entrance. There are traditional choices like “Here Comes the Bride” or something totally different to personalize it. Love a song but not the lyrics? Have an instrumental version played.
  • Recessional: The recessional is the opposite of the processional — it’s when you walk down the aisle, but the other way. For your big exit, you could go with something more upbeat because the pressure is off now that you’ve gotten through the vows.
  • Cocktail hour music: If you choose to host a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception, it’s good to have a playlist of songs to set the mood. The music should be low-key but convivial. The goal is not trying to get anyone to dance yet and you don’t want to put anyone to sleep either.
  • Reception entrance: This is a song to mark the bride and groom’s entrance into the reception, usually with the wedding party in tow. It should be celebratory, not unlike the recessional song, and it’s a good chance to set the tone for the party. If you want to introduce your wedding party first, you’ll also need a separate song for them.
  • The first dance: Yes, everyone knows they need a first dance, but most people struggle trying to find the perfect song. Find a song that both of you have a common interest. You can also look For lyrics that speak to your relationship together. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional. This is your wedding!
  • Father/daughter dance: Traditionally, the father of the bride takes a spin with his daughter on the dance floor after the first dance. It can be something personal or traditional. Similarly, some couples also have a mother/son dance or simply integrate that into the father/daughter dance at the end.
  • Reception music: Whether you pick all, most, or some of your dance music depends on how in control of the playlist you want to be. To end the evening, some couples also opt to have one song close out the event.
  • Cake-cutting: If you make your cake-cutting a ceremonial event, pick out an upbeat song since it is usually a cute, sweet part of the evening. If you have a first dance song that you rule out because it’s too fast-paced, it might be perfect for cake-cutting.
  • Bouquet toss: For this fun part of the wedding, another upbeat song is in order, and since you’re commanding the wedding’s single ladies to the floor, you can go literal (“Single Ladies”) or just pick another fun, romantic song.

Here are some 10 suggested wedding reception songs that makes you wanna dance.

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