Most Common Mistakes When Choosing Your Wedding Food

July 20, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

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Mistakes When Choosing Your Wedding Food

We wanted to share some common mistakes when choosing wedding food. Not many wedding guests specifically remember what they ate at anybody’s wedding, a few months later. As long as the food is good, there’s plenty of it, and everybody is satisfied, then you’ve served a very successful wedding dinner.

By knowing the commons mistakes, you can avoid in making them on your own wedding.

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1. Too many options 

When you select your menu, the price per person will be more expensive if you’re offering more options, because the caterer has to prepare a larger variety of meals, necessitating more time and manpower. If the budget is unlimited, that’s not a problem. But for most couples, it’s more than enough to offer three options — one should be beef or pork, another should be a chicken or seafood dish, and something vegetarian (vegan if necessary) — in order to satisfy all of your guests.

2. Trying to satisfy every possible dietary restriction

Nowadays, many people are allergic to food like gluten, dairy, nuts, certain fruits, and a variety of other things. There is no way couples can plan their wedding menus to cater to each individual guest’s dietary needs and preferences. Trying to do that will make you a little crazy, and likely blow your budget. People with allergies and dietary issues know what they can, and cannot, eat. This is your wedding. Choose the food that most appeals to you, and offer that to your guests on your big day. Just be sure to offer a vegetarian option because that’s a common preference.

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3. Assuming they’ll save money with a buffet or food stations

If your reception is in a hotel, a buffet may be less expensive than serving seated/plated meals because the hotel will re-purpose the extra food the next day. But if you’ve hired a caterer to come to your venue, chances are that offering a buffet will cost you a lot more money than serving one dinner per person to your guests, pre-ordered. This is because the caterers have to bring a LOT more food for a buffet because it’s almost impossible to guess what your guests will eat, and they have to have enough of everything for everyone. They bring more than they’re obligated to serve to make sure they don’t run out, and what they don’t use leaves with them.

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