Country Wedding: Kylie and Matt’s Big Day

October 27, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Ideas to Get You Thinking About a Beautiful Country Wedding

Victorian couple Kylie and Matt wanted a big celebration that wasn’t going to be too formal. We were lucky enough to get to talk to Kylie about everything leading up to the wedding, including the romantic European proposal and how their wedding day was everything they both had hoped for. From finding the dress to the final details, Kylie and Matt were kind enough to share some of their beautiful photos and stories from the day.

Bride and Groom at their Country Wedding

1. Tell us a little about the proposal and the lead up to the wedding.

The proposal happened on the first night of our 2011 Europe trip. We arrived in Paris that afternoon and explored the beautiful city. That evening we headed out for dinner and to the Eiffel tower to see it with all the lights. We climbed the stairs to see the views and then came down to admire the light show from the park beneath. It was then that Matt decided to get down on one knee and propose. Cue tears and lots of OMG’s and a big fat YES!!! It was a very romantic magical night and one we will never forget. We also kept the big engagement reveal a surprise to all our family and friends until we got home a month later. It was so nice to be in our own little bubble and be happily engaged for a while.

Country Wedding and First Dance

2. What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme and vibe?

From the start we knew we wanted our wedding to be one big celebration and nothing too formal. We went searching for venues and looking up styles and came across Zonzo’s in the Yarra Valley. It fit our brief perfectly and it was from there that our theme grew and grew. We wanted a fun filled, laid-back style that was rustic and could incorporate all of our DIY ideas. Everyone at Zonzo’s could see our vision and were more than happy to help us incorporate our ideas. We were able to really make it our day.

Country Wedding Reception Ideas

Country Wedding Food

3. Favourite detail or moment of the day (besides becoming husband and wife of course! or Wife and Wife, or Husband and Husband!)

For us there was a lot about the day that was amazing it’s hard to pick just one moment. If I had to, it would be when we were standing under the arbor and the cold wind was blowing through the barn doors, my hair kept sweeping across my face and Matt gently tucked my fringe behind my ear for me while I was standing there shaking and shivering away. Cue lots of “oohhs” and “aahs” from everyone. It really felt like it was just the two of us alone up there. Remembering that exact moment makes me all warm and fuzzy.

First Kiss at Country Wedding

4. Did you undertake any DIY projects, if so what?

Yes! We did lots of DIY for the wedding. It meant hiring a truck and Matt driving it to the venue the day before the wedding to unload all of our masterpieces. We made the arbor we were married under and the double doorway entry that I walked under to reach Matt. We also made a lemonade stand for our guests to enjoy lemonade and iced tea. We hand painted lots of wooden signs that were incorporated into the styling. The lemonade stand and the arbor were purchased from us by the venue and can both now be seen and hired out for weddings at Zonzo’s.

Rustic Country Wedding Sign

We also had a cookie bar instead of a lolly bar or dessert bar. This meant lots and lots of baking of yummy treats in the lead up to the wedding. We had lots of help from family and friends. I don’t think we’ll ever stop hearing about how delicious the white chocolate and raspberry cookies were!

Country Wedding with Lemonade Stand

Jars at country Wedding

We also designed the invitations ourselves. The invites were printed on wood by Melbourne Laser Cutter and completely exceeded our expectations. The team was more than happy to work with our custom template and helped develop our design to get the best results. We then designed and printed the envelopes and RSVP cards ourselves incorporating recycled papers and twine to match the texture and colours of the invitation.

Guest book Ideas for Country Wedding

Finally, we sourced lots of styling items for the day that we knew the venue didn’t have. I ordered mason jars for the lemonade stand, amber bottles and wooden crates so we could move our flowers from the ceremony to the reception. This is why we had to hire a truck to transport it all ourselves! By doing lots of things ourselves it meant that both of us had huge input into the day.

Country Wedding Lemonade Stand

5. What does marriage mean to you?

To us marriage is a one time thing. We had enough time to think about it all and decide where it was we both wanted to be in the future and it was with each other. Marriage to us was the next big leap in our relationship. We had been together for nine years before our wedding and everyone said marriage won’t change a thing it’s just a piece of paper, but you know what? It does change. The changes weren’t huge but things change and it’s nice. It didn’t change the way we feel about each other but I think knowing you are together forever and you always have that one person by your side leaves you feeling content with this overwhelming feeling of happiness. Everytime I think about the wedding day it makes me well up and just feel incredibly happy that I got to do it all with my best friend. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. It truly was a day we will never forget.

Bride and Groom at Country Wedding

Family at Country Wedding

6. Talk to us about your dress, where is it from? how long did it take to find?

My dress is a beautiful Jane Hill Bridal dress called ‘Lottie’ and it truly is a piece of art! It’s so amazing. The dress was a really important part of the day for me and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice anything for it. Leading up to the wedding I had looked at lots of dresses and even went on a girls weekend away to Sydney to see the bridal stores there. But I didn’t find ‘the one’ (not even in Vera Wang which I was convinced I would!!). So I came back to Melbourne and started doing research in dresses and styles. I knew what I didn’t want and it was then I started looking at the custom made dresses rather than existing ones. Once I visited Jane Hill I knew I had to have one of her dresses. She was amazing and made me feel at ease and could see my vision for my wedding. She understood the style and theme for the day and how I needed a dress to fit that feel theme. She knew how to make me feel like the most amazing bride ever! So I left that day knowing my dress would be made at Jane Hill but not what dress it would be. A few months later I visited the store but Jane wasn’t there. I met with Sophie who made me try on ‘Lottie’. I wasn’t convinced but once it was on I had that ‘this is the one’ moment and it was meant to be. I love my dress and want to find a million other times to wear it again but sadly I haven’t just yet. It’s hanging up where I can look at it whenever I feel like it. It truly is an amazing dress.

Beautiful Country Wedding

7. Any funny stories in the lead up to or on the day?

A friend split his pants on the dancefloor while in a break dancing competition with my little brother. Just picture this; a 40 year old busting some moves and trying to do a backflip versus a 18 year old who could do back flips.

Couple photo at country wedding

It surprised everyone that the two of us jumped on the bus home with them at the end of the night. And me tossing my bouquet to the girls as we arrived at our hotel.

Country Wedding Reception Ideas

Finally, Matt ran into my girlfriends on the morning of the wedding in the main town. He was in a bit of a panic trying to find a wedding card for me. My girlfriends thought Matt had totally forgotten some special wedding tradition.

Country Wedding Instagram

8. Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Stick to your guns and do what it is that you want to do. The day is about you two as a couple and making sure it highlights the important things to you. Incorporate family and friends and make it fun for everyone but I think at the end of the day you need to be able to look back and be happy about everything you did for your special day. There isn’t a thing we did that we would change and I like that we were happy with the outcome. From the venue to the flowers to the dress to the style; it all just came together. There were some things we wanted to do and didn’t get a chance to but at the end of the day that didn’t matter. We made sure we got what we wanted out of the day and like I said we’d do it again in a heartbeat!

Just Married At Country Wedding

Beautiful country Wedding


Photos: Robert Hock

Bridal gown: Jane Hill Bridal

Veil or hair piece: Jane Hill

Shoes: Wittner

Flowers: Blooming Brides

Rings: Hardy Brothers Jewellers and Lord Coconut

Jewellery/Accessories: Earrings – Samantha Wills Bracelet – Isabel Marant

Bridesmaids dresses: Myer and Cue

Grooms and Groomsmen suits: Dom Bagnato from Myer

Grooms Shoes: Urge Footwear

Bow ties / ties: Dom Bagnato from Myer

Flower girl and Page Boys:  Bardot Junior

Ceremony and Reception: Zonzo’s Yarra Valley

Cake: The Cake Company

Cake topper: Flowers from Blooming Brides

Stationery designer: DIY design by bride and groom and printed by Melbourne Laser Cutter (MLC)

Hair and Make up: Hair by Hannah 0402 008 802 and Make-Up by Belinda  0419 518 459

Music: Baker Boys Band

Celebrant: Guy Gurney

Photo Booth: Photobooth.




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