Create a Customised Sign For Your Next Work Event!

April 22, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Create a Customised Sign For Your Next Work Event

Looking to spruce up a venue, an event, a workplace gathering or a special occasion? Why don’t you get a customised sign created with us! A laser cut sign can look extremely effective and add to the overall appearance of a venue setting. A sign grabs the attendees’ attention and leaves a memorable first impression on them. This is perfect for all occasion but in particular for work events, where guests can find you, recognize you and associate your business with a particular logo, image or brand. No to mention, these signs are long lasting quality products, meaning they are a great investment that can be reused at future events too.

It adds a unique touch to any setting, especially when placed in front of a bright background or flower wall like this one!

Contact us to create your own personalised signage for your next event.


showtime event sign

wooden laser cut sign


For similar products and ideas, visit our Melbourne Laser Cutter brand website to get inspired! We cater for all different types of events, designers, small businesses and individuals who want to add a cutting edge to their designs!

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