Creative and Simple Wedding Favor Ideas

December 13, 2016 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Easy, affordable, and unforgettable Wedding Favor Ideas

Here are some wedding favor ideas that you can use on your wedding! You can always improvise or try something unique!

Homemade Granola

Wedding Favor Ideas

Sweet or savory? Give your guests the choice to pick from a mix of flavorful munchies that are sure to be devoured in the car ride home. Fill mason jars with a delicious snack. Pop on a label so it’s easy for guests to grab the mix they want as they go. Plus, these Wedding Favor Ideas are a healthy option.

Retro Rounds

Wedding Favor Ideas

There’s no nickel required for these surprising treats. Fill old-school style capsules with an assortment of favorite goodies. To finish off, pop on a monogrammed label.

Signature Soda Pop

Wedding Favor Ideas

Signature drinks aren’t just for cocktail hour. Send friends and family members home with a refreshing reminder of your big day. Start with a bottle of soda pop, attach a stylish straw, and reveal the recipe of your signature drink. Cheers!

Regional Treat

Wedding Favor Ideas

If you’re hosting a wedding in your hometown, then share a regional favorite. Package goodies in a classic-style container and add an out-of-the-ordinary tag, like ones made from actual maps. Now that’s hometown flair.

Personalized Flash Drive

Wedding Favor Ideas

The sad news is that the party must come to an end. The good news is that you can send guests home with memories that will play on forever. Load a flash drive (tip: find one in your signature hue) with favorite photos and your very own playlist. Chances are guests will be pretty excited to watch and see if they made it into the video.

Hot Cocoa Cones

Wedding Favor Ideas

Maybe you’re tying the knot at a ski lodge tucked in the mountains. Or maybe you’re hosting a winter-themed fete. Give guests something extra rich and delicious that they can whip up as soon as they get home. As for the marshmallows…they’re a must!

Simple Succulents

Wedding Favor Ideas

There’s nothing like an eco-friendly favor that will last long after the big day. Attach your guest’s name and table number to each vessel and they’ll double as escort cards.

Bit of Tea and Honey

Wedding Favor Ideas

The ultimate soothing reward for a day of non-stop festivities. Package loose gourmet tea with a sweet honey stirrer stick and finish with a ribbon and tag.

There are hundreds of Wedding Favor Ideas you can think of! What do you in your wedding?

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