DIY Engagement Party Ideas You Will Love!

July 11, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

DIY Engagement Party Ideas You Will Love!

You’ve just gotten engaged and now you want to celebrate with all your close friends and family! But you want to save money for your wedding and not spend it all on the lead up. Don’t worry, here are four of our DIY engagement party ideas that will be just as amazing as a big expensive do, but less than half the cost!

Engagement Party Ideas

Have it at home or in a park

Venue hire is expensive. If you plan your party at home instead, you immediately cut out the few thousand it would’ve cost for the night if you had it somewhere else. It’s also a more intimate get together if it’s at home. Know how many your house holds and stick to that figure, however if you’re home is too small to invite everyone you want to, it’s just as good going to a public park. All you need to do is get there early to set up and all you have to do is pack everything up when you leave. Easy!

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Make your own decorations

You don’t need to go out and buy all these expensive decorations to make your engagement party look expensive. Sometimes the simplest of things end up looking the best. Nothing sets the mood for an engagement party more than some simple fairy lights strung up everywhere. If you have candles lying around the house, put them all around the room, it actually looks better if they’re not all matching. Use photos of you and your partner together as a decoration, it’s so much more romantic and intimate if it reflects you as a couple.

If you’re seriously bad with the decorative eye, don’t worry! Visit websites such as Etsy and eBay, people sell party decorations for half the cost yet still look just as amazing as the expensive items from party shops.

Engagement Party Ideas

Make your own Punch

Alcohol can get really expensive at parties, especially if people are throwing down bottles of beer and glasses of wine like it’s water. Making your own alcoholic punch can be a good way to slow you guests down without them realising it. Mixing alcohol with juices and fruit make the drinks just as filling but less alcoholic, and they look really cute while doing it. Be wary of the men at the party though, they might not appreciate drinking fruity punch as much as the girls (or they do and they don’t want to admit it), so maybe have a ‘manly drink’ available as well. Want a great recipe for party punch, click here.

Engagement Party Ideas

Create your own finger food

Catering a party nowadays can cost a few thousand dollars, and that’s just for finger food! While the food is generally amazing and they present all the food very well, it can look and taste just as good to create the food yourself. If you create easy food that is easy to pick at, your guests will devour it without a problem. Go to local markets for some fresh vegetables to cut up and serve with dip, and get some fruit for little fruit dessert cups. If you go to local deli’s and order small nibbles like small sausages you can oven bake and serve with dipping sauce. Stick to items that are a little fuss as possible to cook, the last think you want is to be using the BBQ, oven, stove and microwave all at once!


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