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June 6, 2013 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Below is a collection of images taken from three Dubai wedding blogs. These images show extravagance and fairy-tale-like glamour, typical of weddings in Dubai. They are also illustrate how weddings in Dubai are usually a mix of oppulance and  Arab cultural traditions.

This first collection of images is taken from the Dubai Wedding blog site- My Lovely Wedding. The images are taken from professional photographers from the company- Filmatography. The images are captured inside some of Dubai’s most expensive hotels, a popular venue for most wedded couples. The Armani Hotel Dubai is also featured in this collection.

This image is taken from the Dubai Wedding blog site- sarah c blog. The photo illustrates a wedding which was held in the ‘Al Jawaher Ballroom’ in Sharjah. Again, the image depicts a wedding which is extravagant, expensive and very detailed.
This final collection of images is from the Dubai Wedding blog site- Wedding Sutra. There is a strong Middle Eastern cultural feel present in these images, depicting how couples in Dubai prioritise the celebration of their culture.
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