Most Extravagant Wedding Proposal Ideas To Inspire You!

July 20, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Most Extravagant Wedding Proposal Ideas To Inspire You!

Looking for proposal ideas? Take a leaf out of these men’s books and you’ll be guaranteed your partner can’t say no!

Some men go all out for proposals, they plan for months and sometimes years, just to make the perfect situations for those special ladies in their lives.There are a few men that have risen above and beyond everyone else, to make their proposals so extravagant, their partners can’t possibly say no.

Here are the Most Extravagant Wedding Proposals:

Proposal Ideas

  1. The Themed Children’s Book Proposal

This one’s a bit of a tear jerker. This lucky lady’s partner created a storybook of their love story (with a gorilla and a giraffe in place of themselves). The whole story was 10 pages long, complete with rhyming words to accompany the pictures of the proposal. To read the entire story book, go here. 100 points for effort and creativity! Not all amazing proposals have to be public!

  1. Falling off Building Proposal Prank

A lot of planning went into tricking his girlfriend into thinking he fell to his death. Definitely wins out for being original, not many people would think of that and romance, but somehow he made it work. Fortunately she’s a forgiving lady!

  1. Pinterest Dream Wedding Proposal

Very creative boyfriend here had kept track of his girlfriends Pinterest board on her dream wedding, and planned her perfect surprise wedding without her even knowing about it.

  1. Mystery Guitar Man Movie Trailer Proposal

Another movie trailer one, blogger Mystery Guitar Man put together the most intricately detailed movie trailer to proposal to his girlfriend. This is both hilarious and romantic!

  1. Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

So much effort must have gone into this. All the hard work eventually paid off though, that makes for one happy bride-to-be!

  1. Cheerleader Proposal

This Cheerleader’s boyfriend decided to pop the question right after she finished performing with her team in front of everyone.

  1. Pamper Proposal

Talk about putting your girlfriend in a good mood before asking her the question. Although, he absolutely wins when he sends her on a shopping spree! Beautiful marriage proposal from a guy who started saving for the proposal he wanted before he even met the one he wanted to propose to! Such a romantic.

  1. Best Friends

This guy has the greatest friends in the world! They all got together to help with with a very personal proposal to his girlfriend. Not many people can count on friends in situations like these.


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