Fashion Tips for Grooms – How to Also Look Great Beside Your Bride

August 29, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations


Fashion Tips for Grooms

Grooms are not mostly the focus on a Wedding. It’s always the Bride’s day. Grooms should also look sharp and compliment his bride. Here are some fashion tips for Grooms.


Your suit or tux should fit the formality.

Your attire should be appropriate for your venue and match with the overall vibe and theme of the wedding. If your wedding is in the daytime or outdoors, you can wear something a bit more casual. If it’s an evening affair in a ballroom or swanky hotel, go with either a dark, well-tailored suit or a tux.


Your attire should compliment with your partner’s.

This is pretty obvious. You need to be the best looking couple in your wedding. If her dress is a bedazzled ball gown, you won’t want to wear a lightweight linen suit—a classic black tux is more like it. Other combos that work: a rustic lace gown paired with a tailored tan suit, or a streamlined city-chic gown with a slim-cut gray suit.

Your body type should dictate the suit.

If you’re tall and slim, most tuxedos and suits will look good on your frame. To add bulk, try a double-breasted suit, which will make you look broader. To slim down, try a fitted suit with a little bit of a nip in the waist to give the impression of a leaner silhouette. Skip lighter-colored suits since darker hues are slimming.


The fit should be perfect.

Even if you have the most expensive suit, if it’s too loose or too tight you will look awful in them. The fit should be perfect for you.

Regardless of whether you’re rentingor buying, most shops will custom tailor the purchase. Here are a few basic tailoring rules:

  • The jacket sleeve hem should fall at the wristbone with about one-fourth to one half inch of the shirt cuff showing below.
  • The bottom hem of the jacket should cover the butt and the vent shouldn’t pull open. If it does, that means it’s too tight.
  • The collar should lay flat on the back and sides of the neck without any gaps or bulges.
  • Pants should fit comfortably when standing and sitting and break across the top of the shoes so they cover the top one-third.
  • A bow tie should fit snugly around the collar.

Your look should coordinate with the theme.

You will look odd if your suit is for a beach wedding in a formal wedding event. It should match the theme.


Don’t forget to accessories.

To achieve a totally unique look, it’s all in the details. Spice things up and wear a special boutonniere or a bow tie, vest, necktie, cummerbund or cuff links in a different color or style. For a luxe affair, have the groomsmen each wear a tux with a black bow tie and black vest, while you don a white tie and white vest. Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your outfit.

There you have it. We hope this tips helps you to look sharp and stylish on your wedding day!

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