Floras Bell Bridal Headpieces – An Interview with Maria

April 10, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Floras Bell Bridal Headpieces – An Interview with Maria

Floras Bell is a boutique that creates bridal headpieces, located in Sydney. The Australian based company specialises in designing and creating hand-crafted headpieces. We recently had a chat with Floras Bell creator Maria about her passion to begin her own business, bridal headpieces and the best parts of her job!

Bridal Headpieces Bridal Headpieces

1. What sparked your interest in starting FLORAS BELL? 

A few years back, the man of my life proposed to me and I will never forget that feeling of joy and excitement which the bride is experiencing! As every bride, I wanted to look beautiful on our wedding day, but having purchased the dress of my dreams I couldn’t find the right headpiece to finish the look. I designed my own headpiece, which worked perfectly with my dress and was admired by our guests. It is now in the keepsake box to pass to our daughter upon her engagement one day.  In search for the right avenue to invest my creativity, style and passion, I created FLORAS BELL.

Bridal Headpieces

Bridal Headpieces

  1. How did you learn the skills of the trade? Are you self-taught?

Yes, I am self-taught, I did a few millinery courses and knew how to sew and use the sewing machine from a very young age.

floral heai piece

  1. What are you inspired by? How do you go about starting a new collection? 

FLORAS BELL’s motto is “Elegance inspired by nature” and our designs capture and preserve natures enduring charm and clean lines. Blossoming trees, fields and woodlands whispering “beauty” have a profound impact on my aesthetical values. Flowers have always been a part of human connection expressing thoughts and feelings and through my unique creations I convey a feeling of joy, happiness and love. Having lived in Europe for most of my life, I also draw my inspiration from tradition-rich European art, culture and fashion history.head band bridal

  1. What advice do you offer for brides trying to decide between your headpieces and the style that suits them.

Close your eyes and think back to your childhood memories of getting married and how you imagined yourself look on your big day. This is a very good starting point which can help determine the style of the headpiece – whether its something subtle, romantic or more of a statement and glamorous piece. Once this has been decided, choose the materials to compliment your dress and overall look.  Finally, remember to think of a few practicalities – how is it going to fit with your hairstyle, how easy is it to adjust if you were to change hairdo, etc. And Vuala!- you have your headpiece.


  1. Do you offer custom design if clients provide inspiration and what has been your favourite project so far to work on?

Designing Bespoke headpieces is probably my favorite part of the job! I love working with brides to design something special and unique. You can completely unleash your creative spirit and make something spectacular. I have made a few custom-made pieces and all brides fell in love with my creations. My favorite one is got to be the one very dear to my heart – my best friends wedding in the UK is this April. I wanted to create something extra special for her which she will always treasure as a memento of the day and our friendship. I put all my heart and soul into it like i do with all of my headpieces and cant wait so see her walking down the isle looking beautiful and glowing with happiness. Unfortunately I cant reveal anything about it at the moment but it is flying to UK as we speak, but I will share photos with you shortly after the big day.

head piece

Featured are images from the FLORAS BELL First Bloom collection. 

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