To Honeymoon Cruise or Not to Honeymoon Cruise? – Pros and Cons

September 19, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Honeymoon Cruise

Honeymoon Cruise Advantages and Disadvantages

Honeymoon cruise is one of the getaway options for your honeymoon vacation. No two couples share the same travel tastes, so it’s important to figure out whether a cruise is right for you. You’ll find here a few of the cruising perks and also the “not-so-pretty” side of cruising that may help make up your minds.


Lots of ports crammed into short amount of time. The top reasons for going on a honeymoon cruise are the enticing ports of call the ship serves.  In reality, it’s your hotel and transportation all rolled into one. One day you may find yourselves riding a camel in the deserts of Egypt, while the next day you’re wandering up and down Roman streets.

Budget-Friendly. After spending loads of money on the wedding of your dreams, most couples do not have the immediate funds to supplement an extravagant honeymoon. Therefore, cruising becomes a viable option. However, how affordable your cruise vacation is will vary greatly depending on the destinations you choose, the season in which you choose to cruise, and of course, the cruise line itself.

Lots to do to stay entertained. There are a lot of activities on a cruise ship. There are also honeymoon exclusive packages you can add while on the trip. It’s important to inform the that you are booking for a honeymoon cruise.


People are EVERYWHERE, you cannot ‘escape’… constant feeling of cattle call. If you want seclusion, cruising is not for you. If you both enjoy meeting new people, then it’s the best honeymoon for you.

Not all inclusive. Drinks are wildly expensive. Couples need be aware that the price you pay for the cruise will typically only include food, non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee and tea, some entertainment, and your room and board. There are many activities aboard the ship that must be enjoyed for a price. Popular games like Bingo or specialty attractions like wine tastings, cooking and other such activities are always offered at a price. Spa treatments, internet use, alcoholic beverages and even soda are almost never included.

If it rains one day, your port of call will be ruined. This can sometimes happen. Check the weather update from time to time.

Potential to get sea sick. If you are sea sick, it’s best to skip the honeymoon cruise option.

Only getting a few hours in each port. This is a bummer. You only have a limited time to really enjoy the country you are in.

Now there you have it. Have you ever been on a cruise? Please let us know if you have something to add on the list.

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