Kylie and Travis – Fulfilling the Wedding Vows ’til death do us part’

May 17, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Kylie and Travis Wedding Day – Fulfilling the Wedding Vows ’til death do us part’


Here is a submission of beautiful a couple on their special day who hope to fulfil the wedding vows ’til death do us part’. Kylie and Travis Munchenberg married in the Ballroom at Adelaide Town Hall with the company of their loved ones and family who carried the day with love, joy and laughter.


Travis is an electrician by trade and works as a Project Manager. I worked in marketing for Elders and Vodafone before becoming a mother 4 years ago – I now have 3 young boys (4 years old, 2.5 years old and 8 months old and starting my own wedding stationery business in partnership called Kiki & Poppi.

Kylie Travis after ceremony


Tell us a little about the proposal and the lead up to the wedding?

Travis had been planning to propose on our 5 year anniversary and had been planning the day with my mum. He booked flights to Sydney and proposed on the steps of the Opera House and then we had lunch on a boat on the Harbour.

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What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme / vibe?

 A traditional formal affair to keep in the theme of the venue for the reception which was in the Ballroom at the Adelaide Town Hall but it was important to still have a sense of fun, bringing both sides of our family together for a true celebration and for everyone to not just be present but enjoy themselves.

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Favourite detail and/or moment of the day!

There are truly so many… I had written special letters to important people in my life such as my parents, aunty maria and cousin Irene… seeing their faces as they read how they had influenced my life and what they mean to our family is so very special to me. Seeing the joy of my flower girls dressed up as princesses for the day and knowing I had made them that happy was beautiful. The first 10 minutes spent as husband and wife as we travelled by horse and carriage alone from the ceremony to the park talking about everyone and the day ahead was special. But I think my absolute favourite was seeing the joy that our union brought to our parents has stamped happy memories on my heart forever.




Kylie with Amber flowergirl

Did you undertake any DIY projects, if so what?

Asking a friend to design my invitations meant that I had a hand in everything from selecting the paper to directing the design, plus they were in small card envelopes which I stuck freeze dried rose petals on the base.



Any family or religious traditions incorporated into your day?

We were married Greek Orthodox – thou Travis was raised Lutheran, so the ceremony was definitely something different for his family. The ceremony incorporated many traditional elements such as our Koumbara (Maid of Honour) placing Steffana (crowns) on our heads and crossing them 3 times representing us being joined from this day forward. The Greek Orthodox ceremony first involves an engagement ceremony and then the wedding ceremony so we had service books created detailing each element so Travis’ family could understand the ceremony.

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What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage was something that both Travis and I knew from a young age was right for us. Both being blessed with parents from long marriages (my parents were married for 31 years – fulfilling the vow of ’til death do us part & Travis’ parents have today been married for a wonderful 51 years, I believe that subconsciously this influenced our desire to be married.

Marriage for us is about loving each other, being loyal and faithful and pushing one another to fulfill dreams. For example, Travis is so supportive of me working from home even thou it means our dining table has become my office and his time is often spent helping me and I know Travis enjoys fishing and hunting so I support him having time to enjoy his hobbies.

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 Talk to us about your dress, where is it from? How long did it take to find?

My mother and I headed to Melbourne to search for the perfect dress and whilst we ended up being inspired nothing was perfect so we decided on having it made locally by Calache. It was a soft ivory, with a full skirt and strapless but with crystal strands making straps which draped across the top of my arms. It also had strands of crystals dripping from my waist in between pleats in the skirt.

It had a very long train – approximately 3-4 which was so heavy that it was designed to be stitched on and the cut after the entrance walk at the reception, as it was so heavy hooks wouldn’t hold the weight easily.

Bridal party

 Any funny stories in the lead up to or on the day? 

On the day my flower girls dresses were very tight… my mother wanted to run them back to the dress maker to have them fixed but I refused to have people running around, missing out on the day. My brave little flower girls sucked it up – literally, for the service so the dresses would zip up and then for the rest of the day walked around looking like little princesses from the front, yet when they turned around they looked like little girls halfway through playing dress ups!

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Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Talk about what each of you want for your big day – then list what’s most important on the list. Often these days budgets play a part in what is and isn’t realistic but by having a list it means you can invest in the ‘must haves’.

Don’t sweat the small stuff… you can never keep everyone happy but if your in-laws really want to have chicken on the menu – add chicken to the menu… Whilst a wedding first and foremost is about the bride and groom, it is also about the joining of 2 families and the reality is that parents have spent much of their lifetime raising the bride and groom so to a degree – it’s nice they get to have what they want too.

The biggest advice I have is shake off the thought that everyone will repeatedly tell you that “It’s only one day…”. It’s a statement I couldn’t disagree more with.

Weddings are sacred and a huge emphasis is placed on them being they are much more than simply one day. Similar to “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – well weddings aren’t planned in a day either. They take months, weeks and endless hours of planning to come together. Whilst planning – mothers and daughters, best friends and family members spend time together, talking, laughing, bonding and creating life long memories. My advice is to soak up each of these moments. The memories created during this time are banked with the memories from your wedding day which you will reflect on years down the track. Each experience is unique to you and yours to hold on forever.



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Kylie with bridesmaids




Photos – Photography by Belle Photography

Bridal gown – Calche

Shoes – Alan Pinkus

Rings – CCJ Jeweller

Grooms suit / Grooms Shoes / Groomsmen suits – Myer

Ceremony – Cathedral of Archangels Michael & Gabriel

Reception – Adelaide Town Hall

Stationery designer – Designed by a friend

Hair and Make up – Pure by Belinda for Make Up.

Music – Zeus

Transport – Meander Coaches


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