Laser Cut Trifold Garden Wedding Invitation

April 12, 2013 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

ThisĀ laser cut trifold garden wedding invitation is a newly introduced design. The natural shade of light brown creates an earthy and natural touch. The bird and floral design at the opening of the invitation was created with intricate precision using our new laser cutting machine. This particular design is well suited to a garden or outdoor wedding, as well as couples interested in creating a nature- themed wedding. Enquire now

An front on display of the garden- themed laser cut trifold opening of the invitation. The garden theme is interesting and intricate, yet does not overcomplicate the overall aesthetics.

A clear display of the trifold design. The garden theme is carried on throughout each three sections. The overall design is elegant and detailed, as well as classic.

Available in your choice of colour, this particular design was created using light brown to specifically accentuate the natural theme and environmental touch.

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