Mr and Mrs Macdonald- A Rustic Themed Wedding Inspiration

May 26, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

If you are looking for rustic themed weddings for inspiration, then look no further then this wedding post!  From the wooden and rustic interior to the outdoor barrels and quirky decor, this wedding will have you wishing you were one of the lucky guests!  We were excited at Classic Wedding Invitations to be apart of this beautiful wedding and create rustic themed invitations! For more wedding invitations, click here. 


Mr and Mrs. Macdonald tied the knot on the 23rd of October 2014 in Perth at the Australian Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their wedding vows and expressions of love for one another was intimately shared in front of 30 guests. Later in the evening, the reception commenced at Darlington Estate Winery with around 90 more guests celebrating this magical day with the newly married husband and wife.



  1. Did you have a clear idea of what you wanted long before you were engaged or were most of your decisions made in the time before your wedding?    

Maybe not a clear idea but I did have an idea. I wanted to be different and resourceful, but at the same time accomplishing my ideal wedding on a budget.



  1. What help did you have planning your wedding? (wedding planners, family input, visit any expos) Did your husband have a big say in many of your choices?

I did everything myself with second opinions from my family (sisters). My oldest sister, a qualified events planner who also done wedding planning for 1-2 years was a huge help, especially on the day, being my events coordinator and made sure everything ran smoothly.

Help from my husband, NONE haha I tried to get him involved but he kept telling me he doesn’t know and that he’s not creative. He told me to stop stressing, do less and not to worry about the finer details. If he had anything to do with the planning he probably would have had a potluck.

Decorating and decorations were done by myself with a few helping hands from my family and friends. Was stressful in some moments but enjoyed being creative.




  1. What type of invitations did you have and how early did you notify your guests about the date?

I had wooden invitations “Vintage Bird” styled invites from Classic Wedding Invitations. I did modify the invite slightly and removed the bird from the invite. I sent out save the dates which was ordered through Apple (turned out great and very cost efficient) these were sent out 6 months prior to the wedding, with RSVP details. My invites were sent out 2 months prior to the wedding with time, location and further RSVP details.





  1. How did you go in regards to your dress – Did you design it yourself or shop around to find what you wanted?

My dream was to have a Jenny Packham wedding gown but didn’t think it would actually happen. I looked up online to see the stock lists for WA/Australia and I managed to find one store in Perth and two stores in Sydney, so I booked myself in for an appointment.

My dress was purchased a month after getting engaged and was the very first dress I tried on. When I tried it on, at first I was like mmmmm it’s ok but not in love with it. But after I tried on the other dresses, I had to try it on again, then I feel in love. My sisters felt the same and said to get it. I wanted to look around but they said it might not be here if I wait. It was out of my budget hence the hesitation, but didn’t take much convincing. It was a Jenny Packham, Esme gown.

I knew if I got this dress everything else on me will need to be simple. I had buyer’s remorse for a while, but it’s definitely a timeless piece. Will keep it as a family heirloom, hopefully for my daughters to wear on their wedding day.





  1. Did you have a theme on the day and what did you decide in regards to decorations and flower/table arrangements?

My theme was everything white, wooden and rustic. I wanted it simple with elegance.

Everyone said it wasn’t simple, but to me it was. Was a little worried how it was going to turn out, but when everything came together it looked amazing.







  1. It’s inevitable many things don’t always go to plan. Was there anything that caught you off guard on your wedding day?

I have to say nothing went wrong. Everything went the way it should, if not better. Enjoyed every moment, was such a lovely, stress free day for everyone.







  1. What advice could you give to bride-to-be’s? Any services you were happy with, would you do anything different? Any improvements you could have made?

Advice, I received the same advice from friends that were brides but didn’t listen and wish I did. Have a small intimate wedding (immediate family only), save money! don’t spend too much and spend it on an amazing honeymoon. After our wedding I wouldn’t change a thing and we still managed to have a lovely honeymoon in Fiji.

Improvements, nothing really, Ceremony was amazing and absolutely beautiful (best part of the day) I think as brides when planning we need to remember that’s all that really matters. 

The venue could have not been a better location for our wedding. It definitely suited both our personalities. Staff were lovely and very helpful on the day. 

It was a personalized wedding, bonbonnieres hand written and put together by myself. During the reception, my husband and I went around to all the guests as we wanted to show and express our appreciation for everyone being there. Time does go by really fast so take a moment to sit back and enjoy.

I was prepared for something or anything to go wrong and if something did, I wouldn’t of cared. I’m glad I was like that, the day was beautiful, nothing went wrong (that I know of) and it definitely was a day that we will remember and cherish forever.





Photography: James Simmons Photography

Bridal gown : Jenny Packham Gown from Elle Boutique Nedlands WA

Head piece: Ivory Bird

Shoes: The Bridal Room

Bridesmaids dresses: White Runway

Grooms suit: Anthony Squires

Grooms Shoes: Aquila

Groomsmen suits: Rodger David (Charcoal)

Ceremony: Perth Australian Temple, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Reception: Darlington Estate Winery

Reception stylist / any decorations / details : Rustic Romance

Stationery designer: Menus, name tags and bonbonnieres were done by myself, and wedding invitations were done by Classic Wedding Invitations the “wooden vintage bird”

Hair: Tryst Hair Design

Make up: Arousal and Design


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