Important Points You Must Know Before Attending a Lesbian Wedding

January 31, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Reminders Before Attending a Lesbian Wedding

Lesbian wedding or same-sex wedding is still considered a controversial event. You may be open minded and accepts the LGBT community wholeheartedly but there are things that you need to remind yourself to prevent unexpected conflicts during the celebration.

According to, here are the things you must know before attending a Lesbian Wedding:

  1. Don’t ask when or how the couple plans to reproduce. Every married couple wants to have kids someday. You must consider that same-sex couples are reproductively incompatible. You are touching a private and sensitive topic here. Having kids is a personal decision both straight and gay couples. You don’t need to know when and how.
  2. Don’t say, “I can’t wait until you can do this for real!” Even if you’re attending a ceremony in a state or country that does not currently recognize same-sex marriages, this wedding is real. The couple is making a real commitment to each other and having a real party with their real friends and loved ones. Please don’t disrespect them by treating their celebration as lesser because the government denies them the rights they deserve.
  3. Do let the couple know you’re proud of them and happy for them and that you support their relationship. By the time someone gets around to having a same-sex wedding, they’ve probably been through a lot — from coming out to weathering discrimination to finding organizing the guest list. The love and support of friends and family members, the knowledge that your community cares about you and has your back, is the most precious gift any queer couple could ever receive.
  4. Do use the couple’s preferred terminology. Not every woman getting married is, or wants to be called, a bride; not every dude thinks of himself as a groom. People in non-standard relationships often have non-standard relationships with gender, and thus, with gender-coded words. Let the couple be the guides of the words you choose, and if you’re not sure, just use their names. It will not hurt say “Where is Sarah?” than “Where is the bride?”And please continue to follow this rule after the wedding. Not every married woman is a wife. Not every married man is a husband. Not every married person identifies with either side of the gender binary.
  5. Don’t crash the wedding.  Do not attend a wedding for which you did not receive a personal invitation, unless you are a firefighter and one or more wedding guests is on fire. Same-sex weddings are often by well-meaning friends of friends who have never seen a gay wedding and are curious. This is disrespectful. You go to a wedding because you care about the couple and want to support their love for one another, not because you think it will be a fun.
  6. Don’t use your RSVP or card to express your reservations about gay marriage. I’ve heard some horror stories about homophobic relatives throwing a serious cloud over the festivities. If you don’t want to attend, just check “regrets” and leave it at that; you don’t need to explain why you won’t be there.

It will not hurt if you will follow these tips. If you support the couple, then better consider these things. If you have your reservations, better to keep it yourself and don’t ruin the celebration and your friendship with the couple.

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