Printing Options of DIY Wedding Invitation: Guide for Artistic and Practical Couples

December 20, 2016 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Print your own DIY Wedding Invitation Design

Designing your own wedding invitation doesn’t always mean that you want to save on the wedding expenses. A lot of people go into making their own invitations hoping to save money, but I’ll tell you up front: there are plenty of affordable places to get nice invites with less work than it will take you to DIY wedding invitations. However, if you have specific reasons to go DIY on your paper (like, you want to bring your specific idea to life, or you want to get creative) read on.

First, you must know how to use photoshop, or any other software were you can design the layout of your wedding invitation. However, if you are not photoshop savvy, you can hire a graphic designer, or ask your friends who knows designing. When you have your design, then you can choose different printing options.

There’s wide range of options when it comes to the execution your DIY wedding invitation these days, so before you start buying paper or ink, you need to think about the final form of your invite: how will it look, and what process do you want to use to make it? Here are just a few options, and their pros and cons.


Letterpress is visually lovely and highly recommended all over Pinterest. However, it is expensive because it is a fine art that requires some heavy machinery.  Your guests, sadly, won’t know or won’t care that your invites are letterpressed.

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There’s several variety when it comes printing via online companies, so always make sure you can get a proof of your invitation. With some companies, that may cost extra, but it’s usually not very much. Much like with at-home printing, your paper options will usually be limited to whatever the company carries, and each company’s paper set is going to be slightly different. You can usually request paper samples for free.


This is easiest and the most affordable option for tackling the project in smaller chunks on weeknights rather than spending hours in a studio or waiting at a print shop. However, you should test paper before buying a ton of it, printers can be especially finicky, and your can’t exactly change the ink your printer uses. If your printer isn’t higher end, you may have very limited paper options.


Gocco printing is a pretty, small-scale version of screen printing, which is why the Internet loves it so much. Gocco is also an almost obsolete. You need to rethink if you wish to go for this option.

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For more samples, you can click here.

These are some options for you. Now, which one do you think you like the most?

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