Needing Proposal Ideas? This One Sounds Perfect!

March 15, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Needing Proposal Ideas? This One Sounds Perfect!

We may have found one of the best proposal ideas! Here is a tale from the newly engaged Ben on how he planned a surprise Byron proposal to his love of 8 years,  Jacquie.

  • When did you decide she was the one?

When she agreed to go out with me. I had been pursuing her for a while. It then took 8 years for me to do anything about it. Then we went on a holiday and had met up with her dad (who lives overseas), on the last day before we left him I quietly took him aside and asked for his blessing.

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  • Did you have a few different ideas for the proposal (if so what were they) or did you know straight away?

I had never thought about it, even after getting the all clear from her dad I had not really though through anything, just that it would happen sometime over the next year.

When we planned a family holiday to Byron Bay with both my family and Jacquies mum I knew I wanted to do it then. Bit of a rush to get a ring made to my exact unique design, that incorporated everything I knew Jacquie loved and a bit of a unique twist of my own input.

While in Byron I had arranged to collect a car which I had researched and purchased over the phone from a Byron Bay local. That gave me the idea to hide the ring in the car above the passenger side visor. Expecting Jacquie to check for her very important vanity mirror.

The plan didn’t go much more than that and when I returned to the house with the car my brothers thought it very odd that I wanted to show Jacquie the car and have no one else around?? The 2 empty champagne glasses were also adding the confusion for all but it was only 7 in the morning so no one thought much of it.

As Jacquie looked over the car I coaxed her into the passenger seat and knelt in front of her under the pretense that I was checking something under the car. She found this very suspicious and the fact that I looked so nervous probably made it more intriguing for her.

On this one day in a million she didn’t look for her mirror, and was about to open the glove box which held a bottle of French Champaign when I had to intervene and give some direction.

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  • What was involved in preparing for the proposal or was it spontaneous. Did you have any friends assist you or other members of the community.

The sneaky part of the proposal was to make some cash on side projects and keep it hidden from my partner, as we had joint accounts she would have been all it if I had suddenly spent thousands on something and not told her.

Following that I had to get the ring designed and made by our local jeweler without any friends or family seeing me in the shop, which in our shopping street is very difficult.

  • What did it feel like when you asked her?

The night leading up to the proposal I could not sleep, lying in bed so excited and nervous for as long as I could and then getting up with the sun and getting out of the house for a few hours. When I was returning to the house with the ring in place and champagne stashed my heart was beating out of my chest.

When she finally found the ring box (she didn’t even open it until sometime later) I think we were both so happy we cried and just held each other. I was relived as it was the biggest thing I had ever done and I had to keep it secret from the one person whom I had to share everything with.

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. Was she at all suspicious that it was coming?

Due to the fact the weekend I proposed I was also buying a new car she had no idea. She just assumed I was nervous about the car, thinking I was a bit too attached to a car but still happy for me.

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