Proposal ideas? Just read what this groom did.

August 13, 2014 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Romantic and unique wedding proposal ideas!

There is nothing more romantic than the well thought out and perfectly executed proposal! We were lucky to interview a very creative groom-to-be Aaron who had a unique idea when it came to popping the big question. Read his heart-melting story here!

proposal ideas

1. How long before the actual proposal did you begin your planning?

Originally I wanted to do it a year earlier, however Lisa was in her final year of her masters. I didn’t want the celebrations & planning preparations to distract her so I had to patiently wait… it wasn’t easy!

2. How did you decide the perfect moment and place to propose?

Lisa and I, as well as Lisa’s family, live in Melbourne, but my family live in Perth and I really wanted all our loved ones together so they could celebrate with us.

Christmas 2013, both our families were planning to be in Perth and I thought what better time of the year and place to do it! I organised a family dinner on Christmas night. Amid the festivities, I snuck out to the beach with Lisa so we could give each other our Christmas presents. I was so nervous as I was unwrapping my gifts I was not concentrating on what I was doing at all!

The final present I gave Lisa was a professionally made children’s book that I had written, and was illustrated by my good friend. The story was about us, from the time we met up until that very moment. On the last page there was an illustration of Lisa and I sitting on the beach and it was then I asked the question with ring in hand.

As you can probably guess, she said yes. We then floated home on cloud 9, announced the good news to our families, popped the champagne and continued on the celebrations!


3. How did you choose the ring?

I bought a ‘place holder’ ring for the proposal as I wanted her to choose one. It was then months later we found the perfect 1920s inspired vintage ring in Melbourne.

4. What inspired you to create the storybook?

In terms of creating a kids book I thought it would be fitting as she is amazing with kids and a teacher! I based the characters around two otters because Lisa and I both have a fascination for them. Lisa found it especially cute that otters sleep holding hands in the water so they don’t drift away, which was very fitting for the tone of the story.

5. Were you nervous before you popped the big question?

Although I was planning the day for a while there were a few nerves that crept up closer to the time. I may have fumbled a bit with my words.


6. Do you think your fiancé had an idea you were going to propose?

I think she knew I would, but not at that time and in that way.


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