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December 5, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

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Wedding Vows To The Groom

Wedding vows are everlasting promise of love. The pressure of writing your vows can be nerve racking. Plus, the pressure of planning and choosing the perfect wedding dress, in laws, finances and so much more. Finding the right words to say that wholly encompass your love and devotion is an extremely important part of getting married. Speaking from the heart with words full of romance is a great way to tell your significant other that you pledge your love.

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Struggling in writing your wedding vows? Here are some samples for inspiration:

“I love you without fear, without hesitation, and promise to support you, encourage you, and cherish you as your wife.”

“As your wife, I am yours, I pledge my heart and soul to you and you alone.”

“Live with me, laugh with me, love with me, and I will be your devoted wife forevermore.”

“I promise to be a nurturing wife, compassionate companion, and to always be on your side, always.”

“Your mind stirs my soul, your touch delights me, and your faith gives me strength. With you as my husband, I feel the love of the universe which spreads peace and harmony over all things.”

“I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”- Angelita Lim

“You are my family, and I want to be there for you in all things, I am so excited to be your wife and share in every moment – not only the good times, but the learning experiences too. I vow to take from every moment the opportunity to love, to nurture, and to grow – and to never forget how lucky I am.”

“It is clear to me now that everything in my life has led me to you – I think back on all my choices and consider even the bad ones blessed, because if I had done even one thing differently, I might never have met you and become your wife.”

“The ring is a symbol of our unity – an eternal unbroken circle and it embodies my promise that wherever I may go, I will always return to you, my husband.”

“Marriage is a verb – it is not something that happens in a moment, but rather something that takes a lifetime. At this moment we pledge to be married for all time, to join our hearts on the journey of marriage. It is how we love each and every day.”

“I love you utterly, completely and madly – I love the way you look at me – I love to gaze into your eyes. It is only natural that I should always be with you as your wife.”

“I take you as my husband and promise to be true to you.”

“I take you as my husband for now and forever more, without any reservation, I give myself freely and with conviction that we will live out our days in wedded bliss.”

“May the ring I give you today remind you all our days of this wonderful moment – and the love we feel for each other that will last all time.”

“Love is not blind, in fact love sees all. I love all of you – your faults and flaws cast a beautiful light – like the flaws of a precious jewel. You are my husband, you are my treasure and I love you for all time.”

“I give you all I have – the stars and the moon and all my wishes, and as your wife, all I long for in return is the touch of your hands on mine as we sit and watch the sun gently set on the horizon, and whisper to each other, this is going to be the best day of our lives. Each and every night.”

“I vow to need you – to say goodnight, to kiss me on the eyelids, to have and adore even when you feel down. At any time, in any place I want only to be by your side.”

“Marriage is a symphony of grace orchestrated by almighty God, reflecting His love to mankind.”

“I promise to challenge you to be everything I know you can be, to never be trapped in despair, to always see in yourself what I see in you, an amazing man, my husband, for whom I will always feel the greatest pride and admiration.”

wedding vows
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“You are my love, and my guide, a true partner, a man that I will love, hold close, honor, kiss, and cry with for all the days of my life.”

“We simply work together. Our love knits perfectly, each part connecting honestly with truth. As your wife I promise to continue to discover new ways we compliment each other with love and devotion always.”

“I take you as my husband, and pledge a vow of honesty and fidelity. It is one I give willingly, easily, gracefully, at this moment and for our whole lives.”

“As we join our lives together let us vow to live in truth, to always communicate fully, to hold each other against the wind, to feel our hearts joined as one. To you I give myself and everything I will ever be.”

“Wherever our journey leads us, I promise to walk with you arm in arm, hand in hand, to hold you as your wife and to learn from you, love you, and surprise you, forever.”

“What I love most about you is your kindness and compassion, I vow to encourage you to let yourself shine through your dreams and look forward to helping shape our lives together into the adventure that we will take. Your soul shines down on me and I vow to tend to you – to keep your soul bright and to offer love all our lives.”

“I believe in you and in everything you want to be. I believe in us – in our power as a couple, in our future as a family, I believe in myself, that within myself I am capable of loving you the way you deserve. I believe that you and I should spend all our days together, me as your wife, I believe in you as my husband. I believe we were meant to be.”

“One lifetime to pledge to you is not enough. You are my partner, my friend, my lover, my hero. to you I pledge trust, understanding, and to raise you up when you are weary, to hold you, to love you always.”

“You are the love of my life and make me the happiest woman on earth. Happier than I could ever have imagined. And I feel blessed to start our lives together.”

“It was an inexplicable force that brought us together – when I first saw you and saw how wonderful you were, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to always be your loving wife and to feel that kind of love every day of our lives.”

“I love your sense of adventure and the way you always brighten my day. I vow to join with you in this journey as your wife with an open heart and to make even the smallest of our accomplishments – eating breakfast or changing a light bulb – into an exciting part of our lives together.”

We hope this help you in creating your wedding vows. It doesn’t need to be complicated. The most important thing is speak from your heart, vow from your heart and everything will fall into place.

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