Rustic Wedding on a Budget: The Ultimate Tips and Ideas

July 11, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding on a Budget

What is a Rustic Wedding? According to Huffington Post, a rustic wedding is a world in itself, and one that is built entirely from the heart. Because rustic weddings are so heartfelt and personal. “Rustic wedding details” have taken the online wedding world by storm. If you are addicted to Pinterest, you will know what I’m talking about.

Everyone has a budget when planning a wedding. Some budgets are larger than others but most couples are looking for ways to be able to save a little here and there.

Here are some tips to save on a Rustic Wedding:

  1. Save on location

The wedding venue cost can really eat up a budget so one great way to save money is to select a venue that is not a full service type of wedding location. Wedding locations like parks, camps, and gardens might be able to be rented for as little as $150.00 to secure the location. It looks as elegant as a more traditional wedding venue would be. Ever think about having your wedding in your backyard – its free and can be made to look beautiful.

2. Avoid bloating the guest lists

The number one way to save money when planning a wedding is to trim the guest list. The less people you have at your wedding means the less you have to spend on things like invitations, food and rentals. Its simple math, the more people you have the more cost there will be. Get your guest list down to a reasonable number and you will see some major savings.

3. DIY

DIY can save you a lot but only choose few items to DIY and turn the rest over to the professionals. It’s advisable to DIY, invitations, dance lessons, flowers and centerpieces, and drinks. Planning & coordinating, photography, food, and music must leave these to the professionals. Many brides think that if you DIY your entire wedding you will be saving money but in the end DIY’ing does not always mean a large savings is coming your way.

4. Choose a time of your wedding ceremony

Not only will many locations offer you a better price for a wedding at these times but since it is not at night you might be able to get away with a dance-free wedding which can help you save on entertainment. Afternoon weddings and evening weddings cost the most without question so if you are looking for a good way to save you might want to think about hosting a morning or brunch wedding.

5. Borrow if you can

Borrowing or renting what you need for your day is a great way to save money because then you are not putting out large sums of money for items you can’t really do anything with after the big day. You really can rent anything you might need for a wedding including renting bridesmaid dresses. Borrowing items is always a good solution – items like dresses, shoes, decor and more can be borrowed from friends and family. If you are having a backyard wedding think about borrowing chairs from friends instead of renting tons of them for your backyard ceremony.

6. Choose the off season

Most weddings are held in spring and summer but you can save a ton of money by holding your wedding in the winter months. Many venues will offer winter wedding packages or discounts in order to drive some wedding business at this time so you can get a good deal on a nice venue.

7. Shop around and compare prices

It is best to shop around for your wedding vendors. Choose at least 3 vendors, and narrow down to 1 vendor to prevent yourself overwhelming with lots of ideas from different vendors.

Rustic details makes you see the organic beauty in the “imperfect”  and a rustic Wedding let your embrace your creativity for a fraction of the cost.

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