Rustic Wedding

April 12, 2013 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Gemma is a client who we have worked with for a few months. She was inspired by the rustic theme and desired to have her own wedding following the theme.  We have prepared her invitations, menus, table numbers and bonbonierre tags all kept within the rustic style.


Gemma wanted a laid back, yet beautiful and elegant wedding. Below is an image of how she prioritised interaction by giving guests the option to dance wearing sandals. This added a fun and unique touch to the wedding.

Handy shoes at wedding

This is an image of the wedding menu cards we designed strictly adhering to Gemma’s rustic theme request. The material used is wood and we used a natural brown colour palette to blend in with the overall theme and decor.

Laser cut menu

Carrying the rustic theme throughout, rugs and an assortment of different materials were used. Banners using quotes and mismatched candles reinforced the effortless, yet well put together design.

Rustic wedding with floral display

This is another image of the assortment of different materials and symbols displayed which helped to create the rustic theme. Wood was a main material used, as also seen in our choice of material for the menu cards.

Rustic wedding with flowers and map

Another image of our wooden menu cards. The cards are thin, yet strong enough to stand upright. We used our laser cutter to print an elegant, yet rustic design customised by Gemma.

Table numbers and menus by Melbourne Laser cutter

Wood is featured again in the use of crates to help reinforce countryside rustic. Bouquets and floral arrangements were also displayed throughout the reception and church to create a farmhouse, natural feel.

Wedding display- Rustic wedding

The reception venue was highlighted with rustic-inspired pieces and touches of wood. Plenty of space was left for guests to move about and wander as Gemma did not want an overload of the rustic theme.

Wedding table settings


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