Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas That Will Swept Your Partner off Their Feet

February 13, 2018 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Valentine's day Marriage Proposal

Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

Are you hedging on the date because you’re afraid it’s just a little too cheesy or cliché? Don’t let that stop you from popping the question. Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal is perfect for you! It’s a day that’s already romantic, and that you know you’ll be spending together. If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day proposal, check out these ideas for making the moment special and memorable.

Proposing in Front of a Crowd

Many couples go to the theater on Valentine’s Day. If you’re reasonably sure your sweetie is going to say yes, call the theater in advance to see if you can propose on stage.

Valentine's Day Wedding Proposal

Look for a play or musical that has a weddings or love theme. The stage manager should be able to assist you in planning something theatrical and memorable. Don’t forget to buy tickets early as Valentine’s Day is a popular evening. A variant on this is to buy an ad at your movie theater that will show before the previews begin. You’ll need to ensure that you arrive plenty early!

Throw your future spouse off his or her game by planning a special getaway.

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal
Especially if you are never the one who plans your romantic trips, just the trip alone is enough to disguise your real mission. Valentine’s day marriage proposal to pop the question right before you leave for the airport or jump in the car to head out. What a fantastic way to celebrate!

Say It With Candy

Do your Valentine’s day marriage proposal by buying your sweetheart a heart-shaped box of chocolates and replace one with the engagement ring. She (or he!) may be surprised that you’ve gotten her such an inexpensive gift, but if you can get her to open it, the surprise will be on her!

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal

Another idea is to buy a bag of conversation hearts and find one that says “Marry Me”. Casually share the bag of candy with her, having the special one hidden in your pocket. When she’s not paying attention, slip it out and say “here, this one is perfect for you”, then quickly follow it with the ring on one knee.

Recreating a First Date or Special Moment

Do Valentine’s day marriage proposal by telling your valentine not to make any plans for February 14th, then make all the arrangements to recreate your first date (or another very special date – perhaps the one when you told each other “I love you” for the first time.) Make reservations for the same restaurant, get a tape for the car of the song that was playing on the radio, or packs a picnic of the foods and wines you had that day.

 Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal

Don’t forget to wear a similar outfit! In your own words, say that you’ve recreated the moment because it was the moment you met the person you’re going to marry (or knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together), then get down on one knee and pop the question!

On a Walk/Drive/Sail

Do Valentine’s day marriage proposal by taking some time to find the most romantic spot near you, then lead your Valentine there in a leisurely way, talking about why you are in love and why your relationship is so special.

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal

When you’ve arrived at the right spot, take a moment to drink in the scenery, then say something like “I wanted to bring you to a spot almost as beautiful as you are to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me. Will you marry me?”

At a Restaurant

According to a wine merchants survey, restaurants are the second most popular place for proposals (at home is the first!). It makes sense that restaurants are so popular, as you’ll have a host of people to help you make things perfect. If a restaurant is in your plans, start off by selecting someplace truly special – perhaps a usual favorite of yours, or one with a magical ambiance. Secure those reservations early and while you’re doing so, ask to speak to someone about proposing that evening.

 Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal

They’ll be experts on the nicest and easiest way to do it at their particular location – whether it’s writing Marry Me on the dessert plate rim, or going for a walk nearby to propose before returning for champagne and dessert. Just don’t hide the ring in food – you wouldn’t want it to be swallowed!

Discovering the Ring Somewhere Unexpected

If you’re generally not the romantic type, your honey will be suspicious if you suddenly want to go out for a fancy dinner or theater, even on Valentine’s Day. Thus, put the ring someplace common in your house- this might be in the silverware drawer, in the butter dish, or tied to the neck of the first beer on the shelf with a note attached that says “will you marry me?”. He or she won’t be expecting it when the ring appears after Eggs Benedict or fried chicken instead of in the chocolate mousse. It will be just as romantic and far more surprising. Try to be around when it’s discovered, so that you can drop to one knee to pop the question.

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal

An alternative to this casual approach is to bring in the local paper and nonchalantly ask, “Do you think we should announce our engagement in the paper?” When your soon-to-be fiance realizes what you’ve said, take the ring out of your pocket.

On the Radio

If your darling wakes up to the alarm clock set to a particular radio station or listens to the same one at work every day, arrange to propose on air on Valentine’s Day. Call the station at least a few days in advance to arrange it, or see if you’ll need to buy an ad.

Make an appointment with the jeweler where you intend to purchase the engagement ring and take your future fiancée to lunch and shopping.

Valentine's Day Wedding Proposal

Have a few rings preselected and wander into the jewelry shop like you’re just going to look—yes, it’s a tease—but then sit down together and present her with a selection and ask her to marry you. Then let her choose her favorite ring.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal

One of my favorite ideas! Give your valentine the puzzle in a box, wrapped as a present. She/he will open it (perhaps being upset that their Valentine’s present is only a puzzle!) and start to solve it, only to discover that one piece is missing. You’ll produce that piece hidden in your pocket, which reads “Will You Marry Me?”

Tell your significant other that you’ve made plans with a large group of people—even better if they’re not his or her favorite people—but actually make a private reservation someplace very special for just the two of you.

Begin the night with a proposal instead of leaving them in limbo through dinner. Perhaps have the server deliver the ring on an amuse bouche from the chef with Champagne. That way you can celebrate all evening long.

Photo Album

Make an album of your relationship, with pictures of the two of you during important moments, and on the second to last page write “what will the future bring?” and on the last page write “how about marriage?”

Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal


If you’re not a get-down-on-one-knee kind of person, technology can make your proposal fun even if you’re not actually holding the ring.

Surprise your loved one with a path of rose petals (or M&Ms if they’re more effective—you know who you’re proposing to) to the kitchen counter where there’s a glass of wine waiting. Then have the path to the bedroom where you have a heart of rose petals on the bed with a ring box in the center. You can do this a thousand different ways, but the trick is to be waiting with a camera to capture her reaction when she sees it. A tripod can help, but you need to remember to stay “in frame” when you join the fun.

A Book With a Secret

Your intended will open their Valentine’s gift to reveal a book of love poetry. Most of the pages will be stuck together, but in the one place it opens, a slot will be cut out with the engagement ring inside.

Valentine’s day marriage proposal is the most common day to propose. Because it’s such a popular day, don’t ruin your opportunity to have a good proposal story on this day!

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