Mouthwatering Wedding Cakes From Every State!

August 1, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Mouthwatering Wedding Cakes From Every State!

Australia has its own little gems when it comes to wedding cakes. Whether you’re planning a wedding, or you’re just an avid cake lover that can’t help but look at these beautiful creations, here are our most amazing looking cakes from every Australian state.


wedding cakes Jocelyn’s Provisions

This simple cake adorned with flowers is perfect for those garden themed weddings. A tip: If you are having a garden themed wedding, make sure the flowers on the cake compliment or are similar to the ones you’ve used as decorations!

wedding cakes Gillian Bell

It’s not hard to predict that this sponge cake layered with cream will be a clear winner for your wedding guests! Side note – A basic looking cake that full of deliciousness can always be elevated with eye catching decorations like these!

Western Australia:

wedding cakes

wedding cakes Red Bird Cake Company

This cake has our mouths watering just staring at it! That icing sugar looks superb! A tip: Add a cartoon picture of the bride and groom to spruce up the cake and inject personality into it!

wedding cakes The Sweet Folk

It’s a good thing this is a 4 tiered cake as wedding guests will definitely be wanting seconds!


wedding cakesCaked by Carissa

The most delicious out of all wedding cakes … Chocolate glazed cake with caramel and forest berry fillings – enough said!


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