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July 15, 2014 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Wedding Cakes by Kue Cakes- Interview with owner and baker Sadiah!

We stumbled across up-and-coming bakers Kue Cakes and interviewed baker Sadiah about her passion to create sweets and cakes for weddings and events.

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1. Where did you learn to bake yummy cakes?

My love of cakes first started when I was creating my son’s first birthday cake. The cake was wonky and uneven but people complimented me about the taste. From there I started making my signature carrot cake, which is still a favourite. I made cakes for friends and family and bought all the funky tools. Through word of mouth I have customers from all across Melbourne. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, biscuits and a variety of Indonesian cakes which I work with my cousin Savira with. We cater for any event, whether big or small, meetings and have now started catering for some cafes and will soon start corporate catering.

 2. How do you juggle baking and being a mum?

My 3 boys (6,3,1yrs old) have watched me baking and decorating all the time. They usually let me be as long as they have something to do. I tend to work at night for decorating, when its quiet and peaceful, but I have my husband Iji who helps look after the kids after work. And when I have big orders or catering, then I have my beautiful mum who looks after them.

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3. Do you need an industrial oven to bake the cakes?

I actually do all my baking from a normal home oven. I’m managing well with that but at times cakes are going in and out of it all day.

4. How long does the process of creating a cake take?

It depends on the cake. A normal cake will take 1-2hrs to make. But decorations take the most time. Sugar flowers and figurines take about a week to cut, dry and colour. Wedding cakes take me 2 days to make, but if sugar flowers are to be made, it takes that extra week.

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5. Where would you like to see your business grow the future?

I would love to one day open my own little bakery/cafe offering my homemade cakes and coffee. But at the same time, I’m loving being a mum at home, so I can be with my kids while they’re at this stage of their lives. Maybe when they are all at school, we can. But in the meantime, working from my home in Hampton Park is best for me and my 3 little rascals.

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To get in contact with Kue Cakes check out their Facebook Page.

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