Trouble picking among wedding locations?

March 4, 2014 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Tips to help you find the best wedding locations!

wedding locations

Choosing a location for your special day is key but in order to save time you might want to answer the following questions for yourself.

  1. What do both of you want? Chat to the other half and be really clear what you envisage for the day. 
  2. Civil ceremony or church wedding? This is quite an important decision as it will help you clarify suitable venues.
  3. Deciding on budget?  A clear understanding of what you want to spend is important. You don’t want to choose a venue that is out of budget and will put a lot of pressure on the build up to the day.
  4. What’s best for your guests? Keep in mind location and what will suit your guests. Is it easily accessible, will you need to hire buses, will accommodation be required?
  5. Wedding guests numbers– Ideally you want a venue that will accommodate exactly as many guests as you require.
  6. Your wedding date- It’s best to be a little flexible on this one if possible. Often venues offer a discount midweek as well.
  7. Referrals- Look online for referrals and past experience from other couples. This can help clarify the service that they offer.

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