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September 22, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Wedding Reception Songs

Wedding Music with Diamond String Ensembles and Music for My Wedding

Music for My Wedding organise wedding entertainment for couples on their big day. They aim to do this in a way that reduces the amount of time the couple has to spend looking. In a way, it’s like online dating for finding a wedding singer. Couples complete an online form for what they are looking for, and wedding entertainers approach them with a direct quote. Efficient and effective! Founder, Dierdre Le Blang estimates that most couples find what they are looking for within days. We got to speak to Diamond String Ensembles and asked her what her favourite part of her job is, how long she’s been doing it and some of her other projects.

Wedding Music with Violins

1. How long have you been performing / singing for, what are your first memories of performing / singing?

I started playing violin at 6 years old, 23 years of violin playing to date J

One of my first memories of performing is playing in an eisteddfod in Nowra at 6 years old and being thrilled to win the first prize trophy! I also loved busking in Kiama at Christmas time.

Violin Wedding Music

2. How did you get into wedding performing?

When I was 15 years old I put together a violin duo to perform at a wedding. My brother’s friend was looking for some classical string music for her church wedding and my brother suggested I play! Who knew he would kick off my dream career for me?!

Beautiful Wedding Music

Together with my best friend at highschool, Justine, was also a talented violinist and we put together some violin duo music to play at the wedding. We had a ball rehearsing for and being part of the wedding day.

Our music was so appreciated that word spread and we quickly had a bunch of wedding bookings. We called ourselves ‘Grace Duo,’ and started performing at the Illawarra Wedding Expos from Wollongong down to Berry.

Wedding Music Ensembles

It was a much loved hobby over the next 10 years throughout our time at Uni, and as we helped plan each other’s weddings (we were of course each other’s maid of honour!)

After my time studying violin performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, I decided that I would rather perfect playing at weddings than pursue working in an orchestra.

Wedding Music

I performed as a freelance performer for a number of wedding ensembles, as well in Grace Duo. However, I became dissatisfied with the limitations of what a ‘hobby group’ had the time and resources to offer.

I wanted to be able to offer bridal couples a more luxury, personalised service, where everything they could want and need from their wedding musicians had been thought of including gorgeous matching styling.

Wedding Music Style

3. What is one of the most interesting weddings you have performed at? 

Well one of the best locations would have to have been in the Blue Mountains, on Hat Hill Road in Blackheath. It was a warm, crisp winters day and the backdrop for the ceremony was a stunning valley. I performed solo violin with backing tracks and it was just the most dreamy, romantic atmosphere.

I’ve seen a few crazy, unexpected things such as a car crash in the park just before the wedding started (no one was hurt!) and another wedding where the groom fainted. There was a wedding where the fog that was so dense all the guests got lost and the bride had to wait for them. Another wedding the bride and groom ‘released doves’ that they didn’t order; they had no idea where the birds came from!

But don’t let me scare you! 99% of our weddings go to plan, are exquisitely beautiful and everything goes smoothly. After 15 years of playing at weddings there just are bound to be a few mishaps.

Violins and Wedding Music

My favourite Diamond Strings wedding would have been when I teamed up with my husband to play as a guitar and violin duo at our friend’s wedding. We had the most amazing time performing instrumental covers of songs by the likes of Norah Jones, Ed Sheeran, and Julia & Angus Stone. Since then, this newly launched Diamond Strings ensemble has been incredibly popular with brides and grooms wanting a relaxed, chic vibe at their wedding.

perfect wedding music

4. What plans do you have for the future? 

Wow, well since Diamond Strings started in 2013 we have gone from a violin duo, to including solo violin with backing tracks in 2014 and launching the guitar and violin duo this winter.

Wedding Music Ideas

It’s been a whirlwind of kick starting a small business, music arranging, video and audio recording, performing in expos, training up four new violinists and a guitarist, and playing at our stunning weddings.

I actually am hoping that I can relax a little and simply enjoy performing at all the weddings Diamond Strings have booked. Having said that, every winter I get a new idea and throw myself in to it heart and soul, so watch this space!

Hear Diamond String Ensembles play:

Diamond Strings Guitar & Violin Duo – Love Story, Taylor Swift from Diamond Strings on Vimeo.

5. What do you do in your spare time when you’re not performing at weddings? Hobbies or other work?

I have ten adorable violin students whom I teach privately at my home on weekdays. I also perform as a ‘String Angel’ in an electric violin corporate show that performs all over Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

The String Angels is a 20 minute choreographed, highly entertaining show with three beautiful violinists. We wear sparkly ball gowns and play exciting revamped versions of classical favourites – on hot pink violins! It is owned by the entertainment company ‘Mark Bradley International’ who are also responsible for the famous ‘Three Waiters’ corporate act.

During my spare time I love to bake sweet treats, teach myself ukulele, spend time with my family and play with my two adorable Burmese kittens, Dolly and Daisy.

Classic violinists for Wedding Music

6. Any tips for brides choosing the perfect wedding performer or singer for their day?

This is definitely a question that I’ve thought long and hard about in creating Diamond Strings. There are many ensembles available that claim to be perfect for your wedding day but they haven’t actually given much thought to what that actually means.

Classic Wedding Music

A bride and groom ideally need musicians who:

  1. Play beautifully.
  2. Can offer a variety of musical styles to suit different tastes.
  3. Can offer to learn specially requested music.
  4. Are professional, punctual, reliable and experienced.
  5. Have been trained and had rehearsals to perfect their music. (Rather than having musicians turn up on the day that don’t know each other and have never seen the sheet music before!).
  6. Are beautifully presented with formal attire and stylish equipment such as vintage music stands and black leather folders.
  7. Can organise any equipment they might need such as chairs or shade.
  8. Will be there rain, hail or shine – and still look gorgeous in any weather.
  9. Can offer amplification to ensure they’re heard even when guests are chatting and celebrating.
  10. Will liaise with your venue to organise logistics to cut down on the bridal couple’s work.
  11. Will communicate quickly and thoroughly with their clients, and be transparent in the way that they run their business and supply musicians.
  12. Adore playing at weddings and will lovingly look after your wedding music.

If you can find musicians that can promise all the features listed above you have found a very special ensemble indeed!

Outdoor Wedding Music

7. Any additional information for brides or about your business, please include. 

The Diamond Strings ensembles are all available for booking via the Music For My Wedding website. You can also go directly to each Diamond Strings Ensemble combination via these links:

Guitar & Violin Duo

Solo violin with or without backing tracks

Violin duo

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