Looking for Wedding Planners Melbourne Based? We’ve Found Them!

April 24, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Looking for Wedding Planners Melbourne Based? We’ve Found Them!

If you are on the hunt for highly skilled wedding planners Melbourne based, look no further then Mackenzi Wedding Planners!

Still not sure? Just take a look at these amazing photos from one of their client’s weddings. The wedding day of Jay and Jo was nothing short of spectacular with a new take on outdoor weddings. The picnic and Mexican food inspired wedding created a relaxed atmosphere and set a laid back approach for the day. This is their story and and how Mackenzie Wedding Planners made their wedding ideas become reality!


Jay and Jo wanted a Picnic in the Park and a fun in the sun afternoon outdoor wedding. They were nice and relaxed and wanted everyone to just have fun and enjoy the day. Jay and Jo both love food, especially Mexican and Jo is a handy DIY vintage girl so loves being creative.

picnic in the park

wedding planners melbourne


Their love story was really beautiful. They met when they were really young in primary school – Jay instantly fell in love with Jo even from that young age. Very cute. Throughout their life they would cross paths several times; at church, in music class. At one stage Jay called all the Koo’s in the White pages to try and find Jo (So Sweet). They again crossed paths and Uni where they finally started dating. Because of this love story and wanting a picnic inspired wedding I had a thought of the aisle and as the aisle is a journey in itself. I wanted to take Jay and Jo and all their guests on this journey. So at every “picnic blanket pew end” we had a basket filled with the details of their love story, and then of course they get to the top of the aisle where the next chapter of their life begins. Marriage.


bride and groom

bride and groom1




We had a Lemonade stand (Jay loves lemon flavoured anything) and Sangria for that Mexican feel. We also had a taco truck which was really fun and a grand banquet buffet table filled with sweets as both of them have a sweet tooth.

wedding planners melbourne

desert table2

wedding planners melbourne

drink stand2

lemonade stand

outdoor park wedding

outdoor picnic


park bike

park wedding

park wedding2

wedding planners melbourne


wedding cake

Photo Reel
Behind The Scenes

Photographer: Sutejo Tan
Videographer: Preface Films

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