Russell & Amanda: Puzzling Invitation, Unique, Vintage Wedding

February 9, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Russell & Amanda Intrigue Guests with their Puzzling Invitation

We interviewed a couple who opted to get a puzzling invitation. It’s a unique and interactive way to invite your guest on your wedding. It sure is an unforgettable invitation plus a personal touch since the couple really went out personally to deliver the invites.

Amanda and Russell shared their story with us.

“People could not wait to compose the puzzle together and couldn’t believe their invite was a puzzle.” says Amanda. The couple wanted to give their puzzling invitation in person. So, they went door to door to invite people to their wedding. “We used a box filled with dried flowers silk flowers scented candles and the jigsaw puzzle invitation included. We made two duplicate copies of this invitation box as we have two children. If they do ever get married we will give them this box.”

Unique Puzzling Invitation

“Our wedding was at 10 am at a 180 year old stone heritage church following a private lunch in vintage cars. Our wedding was unusual because it was held in the middle of the day and had all the children there. The children actually had a separate menu to us and had mini hamburgers and gourmet chips. We had a private buffet with wine spirits.”

Amanda narrates, “I refused to wear white for my wedding dress. So I wore a long black lace dress with white floral arrangements made old lace on my dress. The dress had a 1920s presence but I really enjoy mixing old with new so as we had vintage cars and for the bouquets we had a modern, wedding with cake dressed in Dahlias and a modern menu and band.”

Wedding Dress

“Marriage means to us celebrating friends and family.”, they added. “We had a wonderful day as it was full of immediate family and my children will never forget that special day. They said it was better than Christmas day.”

Weddings always warm our hearts. Congratulations to you! Here at Classic Wedding Invitations, we wish you great blessings and an amazing life together ahead. Continue loving each other!

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