Wedding Rings for Men: Unique Wedding Bands.

September 21, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Find the Perfect Wedding Ring for Men

Lord Coconut specialise in handcrafted wedding rings for men. They are the only specialist men’s wedding ring store in Melbourne. They are a great option if you’re looking for a unique option for the groom or grooms that other jewelers may not offer. Located right in Melbourne, and also available online, Lord Coconut is an easily accessible and unique piece for your ring. We got to speak to Mark from Lord Coconut about choosing the perfect ring, how they got started and the story behind the name.

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1. What tips and advice do you give to couples when choosing the grooms wedding rings?

Choose the type of metal used in the ring carefully:

– Sterling silver is cheap but very soft so your ring is unlikely to last as long as your marriage so try to spend that little bit more if you can. If not, and we all know how expensive weddings are, go into it with your eyes open in the knowledge that it will need replacing at some stage.

– Titanium is very light and tough but it does scratch and is dangerous for tradies (if your hand is crushed in an accident its easier to cut your finger off than the ring).

– 9ct gold is durable enough for most people, but it does come in at a fair price. It’s best not to get white gold Rhodium plated as it comes off within 6-18 months. And why hide the fabulous warm 9ct white gold colour?

– 18ct gold is unnecessary unless you like the deeper colours. If the colour variation between 9ct and 18ct isn’t important save your money and go for 9ct. Don’t even think about getting 18ct white gold rhodium plated! The finished colour will be no different to a 9ct white gold rhodium plated ring, and will be twice the cost.

– Platinum rings are the most expensive of all and if you really want to spend that amount on a ring we’re more than happy to help you out.

– Tungsten rings are ones we don’t sell. They are usually made overseas and we get lots of couples coming in after a year or two deciding that they now want a grown up wedding ring. One for the little boys I’m afraid.

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2. When did Lord Coconut begin and how did you come up with the name?

There is a great little story on our website which explains how my great great grandfather may have gotten the Lord Coconut nickname. Its up to you whether or not you believe it. Either way I’m sure the name will stick in your memory!

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3. How do you collaborate with other jewellers  How does it work? Where are most jewellers based?

Lord Coconut represents over 40 Australian based jewellers. About half live and work in Melbourne whilst the remainder are scattered around the country. Jewellers have their own unique style. We either hand pick from within their existing ranges or help them develop their first range for men. We also provide advice to jewellers on what is selling within the store. This enables them to tailor their range to meet our clients expectations. We usually have a sample of each jewellers rings in-store and each wedding ring order is custom made to size for each and every customer. We are also able to act as the go-between, between a customer and jeweller if a custom design is required.

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4. Do you have any interesting client stories or requests?

Each and every client has an interesting story to tell. As we are off ground level, we can spend the time getting to know the couple to ensure they choose the perfect ring to reflect their personalities. It’s an important choice and we hope our interest in each couples story puts them at ease. Especially when spending a big amount of money. Furthermore, the ring is often the groom’s first.

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We did have one couple come in one week before the wedding requiring one of our handcrafted rings. A little odd as who forgets about getting a wedding ring? After a little discussion it was determined that one of the bride’s father’s was ill and unlikely to see the wedding if the original wedding date was kept. It was a bit of a push but we were able to get their custom made ring ready in time. This meant that the bride and groom enjoyed a perfect day with the rings they wanted.

On another note we are selling more and more of what we call ‘proposal rings’. These rings (which are essentially wedding rings) are for same sex couples. A sterling silver wedding ring will be purchased and used as part of the proposal with the view that the ring will be upgraded to a gold version once same sex marriage is legalized. The proposal ring is then retired to the top draw.

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5. What types of ring options are there?

Our rings mainly come in sterling silver or gold (9ct or 18ct in white, rose and yellow) but we have a small titanium range and most rings can be made in platinum. We have over 80 different styles in stock ranging from 2mm to 12mm wide, brushed or polished, thick or thin and textured or smooth. We like to think we have one of the broadest ranges of locally made men’s wedding rings in Australia. Even if we don’t have exactly what you have in mind, you’ll walk away with a firmer idea of what you like and what you don’t.

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If you’re interested in the other rings that Lord Coconut has to offer, or to find out more about the brand, you can visit their website here.

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