Wedding Thank You Card Wording Ideas – Easy Templates For You!

January 26, 2017 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Express your Gratitude to your Guest – Wedding Thank You Card Wording Tips

All those wedding gifts need acknowledging. It’s important to thank your friends and family for their time, their generosity, and their thoughtfulness. They all helped celebrate your special day and are helping to build your life as a newly married couple, after all. Also, chances are you’ll receive gifts and well-wishes from folks outside the scope of your wedding ceremony. Particularly if those gifts are received by mail, the thank you card acts as a confirmation you received the gift. If you have no idea how to assemble and write your thank you card, here are some wedding thank you card wording tips below.

Thank You Note for Cash Gift

Dear Aunt Cecil,

Thank you so much for your very generous wedding gift. As you know we’re saving for a down payment, and we so appreciate your support. It was such a blast to see you at the wedding, and I can’t wait to catch up around the holidays!

Lots of love,
Josh and Sara

Thank You Note for Gift from Registry

Dear Alice,

Thank you very much for our lovely set of nonstick pans, and for your company on our wedding day. Your pans are already in use in our new house, and are much appreciated! Thank you again for your thoughtful gift.

See you soon,
Josh and Sara

Thank You Note for Gift not on Registry

Dear Mr. Longlegs,

Thank you so very much for the lovely painting for our wedding – we absolutely love it! What a unique and thoughtful gift. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

Best wishes,
Josh and Sara

Thank You Note for Attending the Wedding

Dear Linda,

It was so lovely to see you at our wedding a few weeks ago. It’s been too long! Thank you so much for making the trip; it really meant so much to have you there. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

All our love,
Josh and Sara

Thank You Note for a Charitable Donation

Dear Uncle Andres,

Thank you so very much for your very thoughtful donation to the Valley Human Society. We both feel so strongly about the organization, and we’re so touched you remembered our wishes on our special day. Thank you again for everything!

With love,
Josh and Sara

Thank You Note for a Gift for someone who didn’t attend

Dear Grandma Lolita,

Thank you so much for the very lovely candlesticks you sent in honor of our wedding. They look gorgeous on our table, and I can’t wait for you to see them soon! We’re so sorry you can’t join us for our wedding in a few weeks – we’ll be thinking of you on the day.

Josh and Sara

Thank You Note for someone you don’t know

Dear Ms. Mayfield,

Thank you so much for attending the celebration on our special day, and for the very thoughtful massage certificate. It was so lovely to meet you on the day, and we’re making plans to use your kind gift very soon!

Thank you again,
Josh and Sara

Thank You Note for a Group Gift

Dear Andrew,

Thank you kindly for your very thoughtful contribution towards our new dining set – we absolutely love it! We’re so lucky to have such kind and generous friends.

Looking forward to having you over soon,
Josh and Sara

Thank You Notes for your Bridal Party

Dear Elise,

Thank you so much for being my bridesmaid, and for everything you did for my special day. I truly couldn’t have done it without your kindness and support. I’ll never forget it!


Thank you Notes for Your Vendors

Dear Victoria and David,

Thank you for your lovely floral arrangements for our recent wedding, and for all your help throughout the process! Everything looked absolutely perfect, and we owe it all to you. You guys are the best!

Thanks again for everything,
Josh and Sara

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