Dapper Events talks Wedding Tips!

August 27, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Wedding Tips and Advice from a Wedding Planner

We are excited to chat to Yvette from Dapper Events about her wedding tips on planning your wedding and her experiences. She offers affordable wedding planning and has some great insights to share!

1. When did you know you wanted to be a wedding planner, what sparked your interest? 

I’m a very organised person and love making lists and ticking them off so I knew I needed to get into a profession where I could shine at this. I noticed there weren’t that many Wedding Planners in Adelaide so I decided to focus most of my business on planning weddings.

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2. How long have you been in the industry and what do you enjoy the most about your industry? 

I was always told whilst studying Event Management that you should avoid becoming a Wedding Planner as you constantly work weekends, it’s long tiring hours and you have to deal with Bridezillas, but I disagree. Yes, it’s long hours but being an organised person I can easily manage this and I absolutely love weddings. The best bit is before the Bride walks down the aisle and feeling her excitement and energy is great to watch. My business, Dapper Events, is still a baby. We only started in May 2014 but the growth has been phenomenal.

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3. What tips and advice do you give to brides when starting their wedding planning? Where should they start and what should they do?

My advice is to start making a plan as soon as you are engaged even if it’s just scoping out different venues and looking through bridal magazines, Instagram and Pinterest to get ideas. My tips would be to book the major and most important things first such as the venue, catering, photographer, videographer, celebrant, dress and then work down from there.  Keep a list of what needs to be done and tick it off once it’s done and record the final cost. This helps with organisation and budget. Ask married couples for advice too.

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4. Do you have any interesting or quirky weddings you have worked on? 

I planned a Beatles 60/70’s themed wedding. I booked a black London cab as the wedding car, every guest was encouraged to dress up including myself and the celebrant, the invitations were made out of vinyl records and the music was all from the 60’s and 70’s.

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5. What should you do if something goes wrong on your wedding day. How do you recommend controlling nerves, staying in control and just enjoying the actual day. 

If something does go wrong you need to try and say to yourself that you have done your best to plan your wedding and sometimes things are out of your control. You are going to look back at your wedding day and it won’t matter that something went wrong, you will probably laugh about it with your husband. One or two glasses of champagne or wine is recommended when you’re getting ready so you can relax a little but go easy on the alcohol as you don’t want to get drunk. Practise some deep breathing and just be in the moment because the day goes by so quickly.

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For further information on Yvette’s affordable wedding planning services and packages please visit www.dapperevents.com.au or email her at info@dapperevents.com.au


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