Custom Design

We love making design and experimenting with new ideas. If you haven’t completely fallen in love with our range or are looking for a custom style to your day, we are happy to help you out.

We can either:

  • Adjust a current design to suit your need on the day. For example having a strong beach theme, or adjusting the silhouettes on the laser cut card to be based on a photo of you two.
  • Start a brand new design from scratch.

What is the cost involved?

We charge between $70-120 per design depending on the complexity of the design and testing it on our laser cutting machine. The cost per invitation is similar to the designs that we have listed online. Our design time turn around is 1 week, so please allow for this.

In order to create something brand new for you, please collect some inspiration in terms of colours, magazine clippings and ideas of the style that you would like. This will help us create something with a stronger direction for you and please note you are permitted two rounds of changes. Thereafter the cost is $25 per change.

If your interested in having a custom design put together, please fill out our Contact Form  or enquire within for simple enquiries. 

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