Most Common Mistakes When Choosing Your Wedding Food

Mistakes When Choosing Your Wedding Food

We wanted to share some common mistakes when choosing wedding food. Not many wedding guests specifically remember what they ate at anybody’s wedding, a few months later. As long as the food is good, there’s plenty of it, and everybody is satisfied, then you’ve served a very successful wedding dinner.

By knowing the commons mistakes, you can avoid in making them on your own wedding.

wedding food

1. Too many options 

When you select your menu, the price per person will be more expensive if you’re offering more options, because the caterer has to prepare a larger variety of meals, necessitating more time and manpower. If the budget is unlimited, that’s not a problem. But for most couples, it’s more than enough to offer three options — one should be beef or pork, another should be a chicken or seafood dish, and something vegetarian (vegan if necessary) — in order to satisfy all of your guests.

2. Trying to satisfy every possible dietary restriction

Nowadays, many people are allergic to food like gluten, dairy, nuts, certain fruits, and a variety of other things. There is no way couples can plan their wedding menus to cater to each individual guest’s dietary needs and preferences. Trying to do that will make you a little crazy, and likely blow your budget. People with allergies and dietary issues know what they can, and cannot, eat. This is your wedding. Choose the food that most appeals to you, and offer that to your guests on your big day. Just be sure to offer a vegetarian option because that’s a common preference.

wedding food buffet

3. Assuming they’ll save money with a buffet or food stations

If your reception is in a hotel, a buffet may be less expensive than serving seated/plated meals because the hotel will re-purpose the extra food the next day. But if you’ve hired a caterer to come to your venue, chances are that offering a buffet will cost you a lot more money than serving one dinner per person to your guests, pre-ordered. This is because the caterers have to bring a LOT more food for a buffet because it’s almost impossible to guess what your guests will eat, and they have to have enough of everything for everyone. They bring more than they’re obligated to serve to make sure they don’t run out, and what they don’t use leaves with them.

To know more about planning your wedding menu, you may checkout this blog: Initial Steps for Planning Your Wedding Menu – Guide for Couples

Tips in Choosing your Perfect Wedding Cake for your Wedding Day!

How to choose your Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake is tricky especially if you want the cake to match both your personality and of course, your taste buds! Sampling cake flavors and choosing from a rainbow of frosting colors make working with a cake designer a truly delicious task. To be sure you’re just as satisfied with the end result, follow these tips.

Do your research and ask around.

Begin your search for a cake designer about three to six months before the wedding—even sooner if you want an in-demand pro.  Some bakers’ schedules start filling up about a year in advance.

Where do you begin your search? Word of mouth is the most powerful tool, says Jan Kish of La Petite Fleur, in Columbus, Ohio.  Ask recently married friends and family members for their recommendations. Many caterers, reception sites, photographers and florists have favorite bakers.

Do the taste test – Very Important!

As you start setting up appointments, find out when each baker’s next tasting is scheduled. At tastings, clients are invited into the bakery to sample exemplary cakes, ask questions, and review portfolios. This is an excellent opportunity to meet bakers and fully understand the range of their abilities.

Choose a Style

Deal with the cake after all decisions about dress style and reception decor have been made. These elements can serve as a blueprint for the design and structure of your wedding cake. Choose a cake that’s compatible with the style of the venue, the season, your gown, the flower arrangements, or the menu. If you want colorful accents (such as sugar flowers or icing ribbons), give your baker fabric swatches. The cake should be part of the wedding, not a glaring sideshow.

Size it up!

Generally, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests; you’ll likely need five layers for 200 guests or more. If the reception is in a grand room with high ceilings, consider increasing the cake’s stature with columns between the tiers. (A “stacked” cake is one with its layers stacked directly atop each other, with no separators.)

Consider your Frosting

Buttercream or fondant? That’s the main question. Buttercream is often much more delicious. But if you love the smooth, almost surreal-like look of fondant as much as we do, consider frosting the cake in buttercream first and then adding a layer of fondant over the entire confection.

Consider the Weather

If you’re having an outdoor wedding in a hot climate, stay away from whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream: They melt. Ask your baker about summer icing options; You might want to go for a fondant-covered cake — it doesn’t even need to be refrigerated.

Get him involve!

The popularity of the groom’s cake, traditionally a Southern custom, is on the rise. The bride’s cake — the one cut by the couple at the reception — is traditionally eaten as dessert. The groom’s cake is usually darker and richer (often chocolate) and nowadays crafted to show off the groom’s passions and obsessions. Give slices to guests as a take-home memento or cut and serve both for dessert.

Top it Off!

There are many beautiful and unique ways to top off your cake, so you can avoid plastic figurines. If you have an heirloom piece — especially a fine porcelain antique — work with your baker to integrate it into an appropriate design. A pair of sugar or gingerbread cookies can look charming atop a country wedding cake. Finely sculpted maple sugar or marzipan figurines are quaint. Other alternatives: a bouquet of sugar flowers, a cascade of icing ribbons, laser cut cake toppers or even a sugar block carved out to reveal your new monogram.

Now you know how to choose a perfect wedding cake, here are some unique cake toppers from Classic Wedding Invitation. Enquire within.

Cheap Wedding Ideas: Tips on Planning your Wedding in a Budget

Cheap Wedding Ideas that might come Handy for your Wedding!

Thinking of an affordable wedding does not mean you don’t value your wedding or your relationship. Sometimes you need to be mindful of your finances for practical reasons. Cheap Wedding Ideas can guide you to save money and at the same time enjoy an intimate wedding.

Avoid guest list bloat.

Although you might be tempted to throw everyone you know on your guest list, that isn’t always a great idea. With each addition you make, you’re adding additional costs while also making your wedding less intimate.

To save as much as you can, try inviting fewer people and making the event more intimate. Start by whittling your list down by 20%, then another 20%. Then see if you’re happy with it.

Ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts.

Asking family and friends to offer help or services that align with their talents in lieu of a gift is a great way to keep your wedding on a budget.

Hold the ceremony at home, or outdoors.

Renting a building or function hall for your ceremony and reception can be very expensive. Instead, consider using your own home (or the home of a parent) for your ceremony, or perhaps a public park with a beautiful view.

Do the catering yourself, or hire a family-owned restaurant.

If this isn’t your forte, look around your community for a family-owned restaurant and ask the owners directly to cater your wedding. Family-owned restaurants are always the first place to check – they will almost always go the extra mile to make your wedding special and are generally more understanding of your particular budget needs.

Go minimal with the flowers.

Instead of spending boatloads of money on flowers that will die shortly after the reception, keep it simple but elegant — for instance, a single rose for each bridesmaid and a very small bouquet for the bride. If you know someone with a rose bush, you can actually make your own bouquets the day before the ceremony by cutting the roses yourself and trimming away the thorns.

Skip the groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts.

While it’s considered customary to give gifts to your groomsmen and bridesmaids in some circles, it isn’t always necessary. Instead of buying gifts they may not even want or enjoy, consider writing them a special note to say “thanks” instead. If your friends know that you’re trying to have a frugal wedding, they will understand.

Display ‘vendor cards’ in exchange for reduced rates.

If you’re hiring people to provide services for your reception (musicians, a DJ, florists, caterers, photographers, etc.), offer to advertise for them in exchange for reduced rates.

At the reception, put a small card by each person’s place setting that lists the businesses responsible for each service at the wedding, along with their contact information. Since this tends to be very effective advertising, many businesses will happily provide services at reduced rates in exchange for this opportunity.

Price shop for decorations – and consider buying used.

If you know what you’re looking for ahead of time, you can simply wait until it goes on sale and “pounce” when the time is right.

Buy dresses off the rack – and on sale.

If you want to save on bridesmaid dresses, try to avoid ordering custom dresses altogether. Instead, head to a few stores with dresses on sale and see if you can all find something “off the rack.”

Plan a simple honeymoon, not an ostentatious one.

A huge, over-the-top honeymoon might sound fun, but it’s far, far cheaper (and often more enjoyable) to stay closer to home.

Plan, plan, plan.

When you’re trying to have a wedding on a budget, it’s important to plan ahead. List everything you can think of and walk through these items step by step.

Don’t stress.

Something will probably go wrong at the last minute – a little detail of some sort won’t work out. For example, our pastor almost missed our rehearsal dinner, so we barely rehearsed.

Don’t worry about it. Just assume something little is going to go wrong and avoid the urge to throw money at the problem. Most likely, no one will even notice the little issue, and quite often someone in your wedding party (or someone helping out) will come up with a pretty good solution to fix things.

Congratulations! Good Luck on your Wedding!

Creative and Simple Wedding Favor Ideas

Easy, affordable, and unforgettable Wedding Favor Ideas

Here are some wedding favor ideas that you can use on your wedding! You can always improvise or try something unique!

Homemade Granola

Wedding Favor Ideas

Sweet or savory? Give your guests the choice to pick from a mix of flavorful munchies that are sure to be devoured in the car ride home. Fill mason jars with a delicious snack. Pop on a label so it’s easy for guests to grab the mix they want as they go. Plus, these Wedding Favor Ideas are a healthy option.

Retro Rounds

Wedding Favor Ideas

There’s no nickel required for these surprising treats. Fill old-school style capsules with an assortment of favorite goodies. To finish off, pop on a monogrammed label.

Signature Soda Pop

Wedding Favor Ideas

Signature drinks aren’t just for cocktail hour. Send friends and family members home with a refreshing reminder of your big day. Start with a bottle of soda pop, attach a stylish straw, and reveal the recipe of your signature drink. Cheers!

Regional Treat

Wedding Favor Ideas

If you’re hosting a wedding in your hometown, then share a regional favorite. Package goodies in a classic-style container and add an out-of-the-ordinary tag, like ones made from actual maps. Now that’s hometown flair.

Personalized Flash Drive

Wedding Favor Ideas

The sad news is that the party must come to an end. The good news is that you can send guests home with memories that will play on forever. Load a flash drive (tip: find one in your signature hue) with favorite photos and your very own playlist. Chances are guests will be pretty excited to watch and see if they made it into the video.

Hot Cocoa Cones

Wedding Favor Ideas

Maybe you’re tying the knot at a ski lodge tucked in the mountains. Or maybe you’re hosting a winter-themed fete. Give guests something extra rich and delicious that they can whip up as soon as they get home. As for the marshmallows…they’re a must!

Simple Succulents

Wedding Favor Ideas

There’s nothing like an eco-friendly favor that will last long after the big day. Attach your guest’s name and table number to each vessel and they’ll double as escort cards.

Bit of Tea and Honey

Wedding Favor Ideas

The ultimate soothing reward for a day of non-stop festivities. Package loose gourmet tea with a sweet honey stirrer stick and finish with a ribbon and tag.

There are hundreds of Wedding Favor Ideas you can think of! What do you in your wedding?

Whimsical Wedding and Carnivale inspiration

Whimsical wedding inspiration

Tumbleweed Events went above and beyond for Kate and Rabeh when they needed them most; stranded on their wedding day without any wait staff. Tumbleweed had spent time styling the day leading up to it but when the worst happened, the Bride and Groom turned to Tumbleweed to help get their day back on track. We spoke to Tumbleweed about the day and what it was like to work under such pressure. The team managed to still pull together a successful and unique day for the couple that lived up to exactly what they wanted.

whimsical wedding

whimsical wedding

whimsical wedding

whimsical inspiration

1. Your role in the submission? What did the lead up involve? 

Tumbleweed Events set up the day from chairs, tables, arches, table centrepieces to waitressing and table service. We saved the day basically! The staff hired for the event did not turn up so we did the lot. In the lead up to the event we built two rustic tables and decorated chairs to be placed outside the Fairground Follies. We also hung lanterns and large signage however, this was unfortunately thrown together at the last minute as we were too busy setting up the tables for the reception.

whimsical inspiration

2. What was the inspiration behind the day?

The couple wanted the day to be very whimsical and fun. The inspiration was Carnivale!

whimsical inspiration

3. Location of wedding

The ceremony was held at the Royal Automatic Club Sydney and the reception that followed was held at the Fairground Follies St Peters.

whimsical inspiration

whimsical inspiration

4. Event date.

The day was held on March 28th 2015.

Wedding Carnivale 15

5. Who was the photographer?

Photos were taken by Sydney based Shots by Gun.

Wedding Carnivale 4

Wedding Carnivale 13

6. Are there any special details or stories we should know about your submission that make it extra special?

Probably, the fact that it turned into a bit of a carnival with so many things going wrong. I think Kate summed it up perfectly with her testimonial.

Wedding Carnivale 5

“Tumbleweed Events rescued our wedding day! I hired them to plan and style our wedding ceremony and reception space but when the worst thing happened – the wait staff I had booked didn’t turn up to our reception – Adam and Ruth from Tumbleweed Events stepped up and saved the day. We had an empty venue that needed to be set up for 120 guests and no one to set-up or serve guests. Tumbleweed took over and set-up all the tables, arranged the table plans, made the cocktails, dressed the tables with their amazing style, set plates, chilled and served alcohol, drinks, dinner and dessert. They worked until 2:00am to clean, clear and then pack-up the entire venue. Yet they were only hired to style the event! They went above and beyond and never complained once. Their only concern was making sure that the bride, groom and guests were happy. They did all this and still made the place look like a spectacular fairytale! I can’t recommend them enough.” – Kate

Wedding Carnivale 11

9. Which vendors were involved in the day?

Food Stuff Catering were fantastic they cooked all the food in front of the guests including a large paella and beef bourguignon.

Wedding Carnivale 8

Grant MC was amazing as well, he made everyone laugh and had lots of great stories.

Wedding Carnivale 12

Shots By Gun took beautiful photos for Kate and Rabeh to cherish forever.

Wedding Carnivale 9

Wedding Carnivale 7
Tumbleweed are a Sydney based events planning company and they’re available to plan your big day as well!

Wedding cake ideas & options for those who don’t want a cake

Wedding cake ideas & options for those who don’t want a cake

Wedding cakes can be quite expensive, quite often couples find no one really eats them  and then there’s the left over’s that you can’t bring yourself to throw away but no guests want to take home either! They can be a tricky business at times! Some people just don’t see the appeal in them, for this reason we have compiled alternative wedding cake ideas and options.

There’s plenty of options for couples not into the traditional cake thing and want to change it up a bit. Here’s some wedding cake ideas and alternatives on for special day.

Sarah and John's weddding, One Whitehall Place, 17th September 2

1. Cheese stack

Love this idea, if sweet treats aren’t really your thing, but you still want to stack something for your wedding, some couples have given the perfect wedding cake substitution. Tiers of cheese instead of tiers of cake! Brilliant, less expensive (unless you really like expensive cheese), and can be washed down perfectly with some wine and fruit. They can also be decorated quite convincingly.

wedding cake ideas

2. Doughnut Cake

These little rings of deliciousness are quickly taking the handheld dessert market by storm. Back in the day a doughnut was either filled with jam, glazed, or powdered. But now the gourmet doughnut options are endless, and can be dressed up or down to suit your type of wedding style.


3. Cupcake Tower

This is for those that are still into cake, but would like an easier way to distribute dessert to the guests. Cupcakes are easy, single portioned little desserts that really everyone loves.

wedding cake ideas

4. Profiterole Pyramid

Another one thats easy to split evenly and quickly to guests is the Profiterole Pyramid or Croquembouche Tower. Usually filled with cream or dulche de leche these beautiful creations are favoured by nearly everyone. Can be make to look fancy or dressed down for a more rustic affair.


5. Pie/Cake Pops

This is more of an American tradition, but it is quickly taking Australian weddings by storm as well. The cake or pie pop can be decorated quite elegantly, and arranged in a way that mimics a cake, with less mess, you won’t even have to dirty a plate.

wedding cake ideas

6. Macaron Stand

No fuss alternative to cake, often lasts longer than cake does (although does lose its texture after a day or two) and you can have in multiple flavours that will please everyone.


7. Oreo Stack (no we’re not kidding)

This is less common, although has been done a few times, looks amazing and is sure to disappear quickly. Less mess, less fuss and less cost, there’s always a good reason to eat Oreos. Though, definitely keep in mind bits of chocolate biscuit getting stuck in your teeth though, not a good look for the bride and groom!

wedding dessert bar-thumb-620xauto-57980

8. Bit of Everything Dessert Bar

Why not give your guests (and yourself) a little variety. If you have a large cake those people that don’t like cake will steer clear, but if there’s a whole table of options on the final meal of the night, you are sure to please every one of your guests (except for the ones that don’t like dessert at all, but who needs them anyway). Warning: sugar overload for the dessert lovers that will try to eat a bit of everything.


9. Dessert Shots

You can still have an elegant cake in a small shot glass form. This works well for cheesecakes, trifles and layer cakes that can be messy when in a large cake form. Plus, when it comes to the decision between cheesecake and a normal cake, cheesecake has to win every time!


10. Brownie Cake

Brownie’s aren’t just for break ups and little children, these delicious fudgy beauties can be stacked together to look like a wedding cake. Who doesn’t get excited when they see brownies? You’ll be spoiling your wedding guests with treats from their childhoods.


So what do you think? Have you discovered wedding cake ideas from these?

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