Choosing the Best Honeymoon Destination By Month – The Ultimate Couples’ Guide

Best Honeymoon Destination By Month

Choosing the best honeymoon destination is quite overwhelming. There are a lot of options to choose from. Your honeymoon is the best time for you and your partner in life to bond and make babies!

We wanted to help you to choose the best destination based on the date of your honeymoon. Remember that this is a guide to when different destinations traditionally experience the most ideal weather of the year. The months immediately preceding and succeeding a destination’s prime time are often called “shoulder” seasons, and usually have good weather as well. Other destinations, such as the Caribbean and Hawaii, are temperate year-round, but particularly incredible at the times listed below.

January & February

Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Bali, Belize, Brazil, Canada (ski destinations), Caribbean, Central & South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, the Florida Keys, USA (ski destinations)


Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada (ski destinations), Caribbean, Central & South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, the Florida Keys, USA (ski destinations, Southeast, Southwest)


Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Central & South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Italy, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, the Florida Keys, USA


Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Caribbean, Central & South Africa, Czech Republic, Fiji, France, French Polynesia, Greece, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Seychelles, Spain, Thailand, the Florida Keys, USA


Bermuda, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Central & South Africa, Czech Republic, Fiji, France, French Polynesia, Greece, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Spain, Thailand, USA (Alaska, Northeast)

July & August

Bermuda, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Central & South Africa, Czech Republic, Fiji, France, French Polynesia, Ireland, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Seychelles, Thailand, USA (Alaska, Northeast)


Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Central & South Africa, Czech Republic, Fiji, France, French Polynesia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Spain, Thailand, USA


Australia, Bali, Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Central & South Africa, Egypt, Fiji, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Italy, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Seychelles, Spain, USA


Australia, Bahamas, Bali, Belize, Brazil, Canada (ski destinations), Central & South Africa, Egypt, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Seychelles, Spain, USA (ski destinations, Southeast, Southwest)


Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Bali, Belize, Brazil, Canada (ski destinations), Caribbean, Central & South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, the Florida Keys, USA (ski destinations)

Below, some of the most popular honeymoon destinations—some because they enjoy relatively sublime weather year-round—and their not-so-pretty seasons.

honeymoon destination


  • Best months: March to July, October and November
  • Worst months: Far from horrible, December and January are coolest (average afternoon temperature is 75 degrees); August and September are hottest (average 92 degrees). The wettest months are from November to March.

Note: In general, every island’s northern shore gets more rain than the southern, especially on Kauai and the Big Island.

Bahamas Honeymoon Destination


  • Best months: November to April
  • Worst months: It’s hottest (up to 89 degrees on average) and rainiest from June to October
Honeymoon Destination


  • Best months: May to October
  • Worst month: January and February
Caribbean Honeymoon Destination


  • Best months: Technically, December to May, when the area is coolest and enjoys the most wind, but average temperatures year-round hover between 78 and 88 degrees
  • Worst months: “Official” hurricane season runs from June to November; the worst months are August, September and October (islands near South America—Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago—are outside the hurricane danger zone)

Note: High-altitude and coastal spots are cooled by trade winds year-round (a good salve during the hotter and more humid summer months)

Europe Honeymoon Destination


  • Best months: May through September or October
  • Worst months: December to February
Florida Honeymoon Destination
Travel Channel


  • Best months: March, April, October and November
  • Worst months: May to September

Note: The Florida Keys experience temperate, Caribbean-like weather year-round.

Las Vegas Honeymoon Destination

Las Vegas

  • Best months: March, April, October, November
  • Worst months: June to September

Note: July and August are scorchers here, but at least it’s a “dry” heat (humidity is very low year-round)

Mexico Honeymoon Destination


  • Best months: October to May
  • Worst months: Rainy season runs June through September, but usually only involves a short daily dousing. It;s also hotter during the summer months.

Note: Coastal playgrounds and low-lying sections of the country are hotter than higher-altitude destinations such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, and the heartland “Silver Cities.”

Palawan Beach Honeymoon Destination
The Wedding Vow

Southeast Asia

  • Best months: November to February
  • Worst months: Hottest between April and May; rainy from June to September
French Polynesia Honeymoon Destination
Passion For Luxury

South Pacific, French Polynesia

  • Best months: May to October
  • Worst months: December to February (hot, humid, and rainy); Tahiti lies well outside the Pacific cyclone zone and while Fiji does not, it’s rarely hit during the highest-risk months of January and February

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Katlyn and Gavin: The Wild African Safari Wedding

Elephants, Desert, Wild Safari Wedding and Everything in Between

Katlyn and Gavin met on a Safari and wanted to share their Safari experience with family and friends. So they decided to have Safari Wedding! We were lucky enough to get to talk to Katlyn about everything leading up to the wedding, including the romantic private beach proposal and how their wedding day was everything they both had hoped for.

Safari Wedding

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am from Chicago, IL and was living and working in the city in Fashion. In July 2011, I went on a safari to Tanzania where I met my safari guide and now husband Gavin!  I moved to South Africa in 2013 and we now live in Johannesburg with our Golden Retriever puppy Zulu! Gavin owns a safari travel company called Mammoth Safaris ,which we both work for and it also allows us to have some amazing travel adventures together!

Safari Wedding

Safari Wedding

Tell us a little about the proposal and the lead up to the Wedding?

My family came to visit me after I had moved to South Africa and we were all going on safari then to a place called Azura on Benguerra Island in Mozambique. Gavin had planned a beach picnic in a remote part of the Island and while we were there he asked me to go for a swim and when we got down to the water’s edge he proposed!  We knew we wanted to have a safari wedding since that is how we met, so we set a date for almost two years after the engagement to make sure all of our family and friends from across the globe would be able to come!  Along with the Wedding Planning we were also planning everyone’s trips to South Africa, but it was worth it for all of our guests to have an amazing experience with us!

Safari Wedding

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme / vibe?

Once we decided on having the wedding at Phinda Private Game Reserve, we knew that we wanted to keep it fairly simple and let the setting speak for itself.  I wanted the flowers to be all King Proteas which was the only color in very light pink and everything else was cream with touches of gold!

Safari Wedding

The gold really compliments with the safari wedding theme.


Safari Wedding

Favourite detail and/or moment of the day (besides becoming husband and wife of course! or Wife and Wife, or Husband and Husband!).

My favorite part of the day was having all the people you both love in one place there to celebrate you!  I think that is the only time in our lives that will happen!

unnamed (5)

Did you undertake any DIY projects, if so what?

Not really, we were lucky that Phinda took care of everything that we wanted!  Also planning the wedding and everyone’s trips was enough work already!

Safari Wedding

What does marriage mean to you?

To me marriage means partnership, you have chosen this person to be your partner in every aspect of your life forever and while sometimes marriage can be hard work, if you are with the right person I think the laughter and fun times in between the testing times is what you remember.

Talk to us about your dress, where is it from? How long did it take to find?

I got my Reem Acra Juliet dress from Belle Vie Bridal Couture in Chicago. The reason I went to that particular store was because they had Reem Acra and I showed up with a picture of that specific dress.  It was the first one I tried on and was so in love with it, but I of course needed to try on other dresses to make sure!  So I tried on a lot of others at that store and another store and at the end of the day I was positive that was it, so I went back and bought it!

Safari Wedding

Any funny stories in the lead up to or on the day?

On the morning of the Wedding, Gavin told me he was going to be nervous waiting at the end of the aisle for me, so try and not be too late. All the girls were getting ready at a beautiful house at Phinda Private Game Reserve called the Homestead, and just as I was about to go put my dress on with plenty of time to spare, a huge herd of elephants came and started drinking out of the swimming pool directly in front of us.  So needless to say, we were very late because of the amazing experience and photo opportunity!

Safari Wedding

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Make sure you decide on and book the big things first! The small details will come into place as you go.  Also, during the wedding day take a moment out just for the two of you to be alone even if it is only for a few minutes.  The day goes by so quickly you need to make sure you step away for a minute to enjoy the moment with your new spouse!

Safari Wedding


Photos Abri Kruger Photography

Bridal gown Reem Acra  from Belle Vie Bridal Couture 

Veil / hair piece Samantha Wills Bridal 

Shoes: Adrianna Pappel 

Flowers Sue Baxter 

Rings Martin Nagel Jewellers 

Jewellery/Accessories Samantha Wills Bridal

Bridesmaids dresses Twobirds Bridesmaid

Grooms suit Hart Schaffner Marx from Nordstrom 

Groomsmen suits Woolworths 

Bow ties / ties Brackish Bowties 

Ceremony Phinda Private Game Reserve

Reception Phinda Private Game Reserve Mountain Lodge

Catering Phinda Private Game Reserve

Cake Nicole’s Signature Cakes 

Cake topper BHLDN 

Stationery designer  Classic Wedding Invitations 

Hair and Make up Angela at Makeup Your Mind 

Music Roger Lautenbach 

Celebrant Ashley Bell 

Their safari wedding is one of the most unique weddings that we have featured. Congratulations to you both! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Destination Wedding Invitation – Stationery that Invites to Travel

Destination Wedding Invitation Samples

All weddings have a venue and theme. Some weddings are held in famous countries or locations. We have destination wedding invitation that invites your guest to travel for your wedding. The invitation is related to the location of the wedding. It might be the famous Las Vegas, the romantic Paris, the adventurous Africa, the sun-kissed Hawaii, warm Dubai, and so much more!

Some couples prefer to choose the destination of their wedding on the country were they first met or their favorite place to visit. You might get some inspiration here.

Here are some Samples:

Do you have a wedding destination in mind? We can custom make your wedding invitation, enquire within.

Tips Before Getting Married in Vegas – The Las Vegas Wedding Guide

Ultimate Guide to Getting Married In Vegas

Getting married in Vegas is fun, quick, and affordable. Las Vegas is known for quick weddings and honeymoon in one. You may be one of those couples who care less for the preparation or event,  as long as you get married. Nonetheless, it’s still a wedding ceremony and requires planning.

According to, here are few tips for anyone getting married in Vegas that will help make planning your big day a little easier:

1) The Weather – Before making the hotel reservations for your wedding in Las Vegas, check the normal weather for that time of year. Daytime in July and August can bring hot sun and occasional heavy storms, but evenings are a nice temperature. It may be the desert, but we do have Winter, an outdoor wedding in January would be a little on the chilly side.

2) The legalities – OK, Las Vegas is home of the quickie wedding, but a Vegas wedding is still legally binding. Make sure you are of legal age and you have your photo ID with proof of name and age, and the fee for the license.

3) The Photographer – Most of the chapels offer an hour or so of photography in the chapel as part of their package. If you are lucky, this may include a trip to the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Consider booking some time with a professional photographer for another couple of hours. Walk around the Glitter Gulch of Fremont Street or pose on the Strip at night or during the day, or go out to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon. Be more original and get some exciting wedding photographs that you can enjoy for years to come.

4) The Dress – Many brides spend lots of time and money choosing a dress back home, then packing it up and bringing it with them to Las Vegas. However, not everyone wants to spend lots of money on a dress that they will never wear again, so why not take advantage of being in the wedding capital of the world, and choose from one of the very many dress rental places in town?

5) The Hair and Makeup – Some brides choose to have their hair and makeup done professionally for their wedding day. A lot of the casinos offer this service to their guests, but at a very high price. Some of the local, off-Strip salons will also come to your room for this, and charge much less. Consider having a trial at home before you come out to Vegas and takes lots of pictures, and be sure to book in advance for your Vegas trip.

6) Witnesses – Many couples elope to Las Vegas alone to get married. If you do make the trip just the two of you, then be sure to find a witness for the ceremony, or check with you chapel that they can provide one.

7) The celebrant – If you choose a wedding chapel in a Las Vegas Strip casino or Downtown then it is likely that they will provide their own officiant, and they will perform a standard ceremony. They can usually offer civil or religious ceremonies. If you want a more personal ceremony, consider a more off-the-beaten-track location and talk to your celebrant beforehand.

8) The Time – So many people come to Las Vegas to get married, that the chapels often have several bookings per day. This is especially true on weekends and during busy periods. Consider coming out of season and/or midweek to have a more leisurely ceremony.

9) The Breakfast – If you are getting married in Las Vegas, take advantage of the vast choice of incredible restaurants it has to offer. There is nowhere quite like Vegas when it comes to eating out, so be sure to make reservations somewhere classy with delicious food.

10) Special days and holidays – You may well want a memorable date for your wedding anniversary, but bare in mind that many other couples want that, too. Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve are very popular dates all over the world. In Vegas, that can mean waiting in line at chapels, and having to hurry along your ceremony so that others can fit in.

Thinking of getting married in Vegas? Start planning now!

Things You Need to Know Before You Start Planning a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is a great experience for both the couple and the guest. It can be considered as a vacation for everyone. The beach is a very romantic spot to say your vows but there are things you need to consider before planning a beach wedding.

Here are some tips for a perfect beach wedding:

Prepare a Wind Plan

“As much as you think the rain is your enemy at a beach wedding, it’s the wind you need to worry about,” advises Michelle Rago “Once the sun drops below the horizon, the water goes black — and unless you have a full moon, the sea is lost.” To avoid the heat (and the crowds), consider a early morning or possibly sunset ceremony. Can’t schedule your ceremony at one of these times? Go ahead and have it in the afternoon, but find a shady spot on the beach that’s likely to catch a cool breeze. Check what the weather will be like, and inform guests on your wedding website so they can dress accordingly.

Check the Tides and Weather

Also check the tide schedule online: Tides coming in are noisier than going out—not to mention the risk of water creeping up on you. So make sure your ceremony start time won’t be engulfed by ocean. Because having guests washed away to sea is a super bummer. And while we’re on the subject, don’t forget to check the seasonality of rain in your area.

Have a Daytime Ceremony

“The ocean presents one of the most beautiful settings so I always encourage couples to consider having their wedding during daylight hours,” says Rago. “Once the sun drops below the horizon, the water goes black — and unless you have a full moon, the sea is lost.”
But having a daytime wedding means you need to consider a few things. “SPF 50 is sexy,” laughs Rago. “You don’t want to get a crazy sunburn on your wedding day.”

To avoid too much heat (and the crowds), consider a morning or sunset ceremony. Can’t schedule your ceremony at one of these times? Go ahead and have it in the afternoon, but find a shady spot on the beach that’s likely to catch a cool breeze.

Choose the right flowers

Flowers also don’t like the hot sun and can be tricky to work with. “Choose a ceremony design and flowers that can hold up in the heat,” advises Rago. “A few options that work well are freesias, calla lilies, orchids, and succulents. Steer away from hydrangeas and roses, which have a tendency to wilt quickly.”

Have a Sound System

“Between the wind and the waves, there’s a lot of background noise at a beach wedding,” Rago explains. “I always suggest using a microphone for the ceremony. Also, make sure you use a windscreen cover for the microphone so that your guests are not frustrated by the fact that all they hear is the wind and not your vows!”

Public vs Private Beach Wedding

Unless you bought the property, you might have to share your wedding venue with hotel guests. You can never control children that might be yelling and screaming around during the ceremony. Make sure you ask the resort if privatizing the beach for your wedding is possible before you book.

Ceremony, Reception or Both?

There’s a big difference between a ceremony on the beach with a reception to follow at a more traditional reception space (hall, restaurant, etc.) and a full-on beach blanket  with a hundred of your nearest and dearest. So before you start researching anything, figure out what kind of beach wedding you’re asking for.


Sure, it might be lovely to get married with your toes in the sand. But can your wheelchair-bound Grandma make it to the ceremony to see you put said toes in the sand? Will your guests be standing? Are there options for those who will need to sit? Like any other outdoor ceremony space, the beach can add a layer of difficulty when it comes to accessibility. So consider your guest list and figure out if any additional accommodations will need to be made so that no one misses out.

Dress the Part

Typically, beach brides leave the ball gown at home. Seaside weddings call for lightweight attire—anything else and you’ll be weighed down and hot. Grooms often sport linen suits, but if it’s really hot, guys can forgo the jacket and wear a loose shirt and pants. For the ladies, light, airy fabrics are key; for comfort, try cotton, crepe or linen. We think nothing says beach wedding like a simple sarong or white sundress blowing in the breeze.

Ditching your heels or not

A barefoot beach wedding is raw and gorgeous, but it’s not realistic to expect every bride to ditch her shoes. “One solution to get you down the aisle in heels is to bury a wooden walkway that leads to the ceremony under the sand,” says Rago. “It still looks like a sandy beach, but makes it possible to walk in heels.”

Set the Mood With Food

A beach wedding in Hawaii will be quite different from a seaside ceremony in the South of France, and your menu should reflect that. Incorporate foods and customs of the area. Hawaiian weddings, for example, usually involve local delicacies such as poi and roast pig. Similarly, Caribbean choices include jerk chicken and fresh seafood. When selecting your menu, also consider the temperature—many foods will spoil in the heat (for your wedding cake, for instance, fondant is a better choice than buttercream, which will melt in the hot temps).

Plan your wedding carefully because nothing beats a flawless beach wedding celebration!

Unconventional Wedding Venues for A Wedding Impossible to Forget!

Most Unconventional Wedding Venues that Might just Work for you!

Thinking of an out of the norm wedding venues for your wedding? You want your guests and love ones to never forget your one-of-a-kind wedding? Consider these unique wedding venues!

Museum Venues

museum wedding venues

Natural history museums, city museums, air and space museums, and even children’s museums often have spaces to rent after-hours. Museums are also educational wedding venues. Your guest can walk around explore during cocktail hours. You’ll have exhibits as your backdrop which are not only practical and intriguing but the perfect conversation starter for your guests.

Converted Building

converted building wedding venues
Mill City Museum in Minneapolis wedding ceremony
Former warehouses, monasteries, factories and even airplane hangars can be rented out for your party—like your wedding. These unconventional spaces are like blank canvases that can be decorated to fit almost any theme, not to mention that the addition of flowers and décor creates a beautiful contrast.

Above: Mill City Museum in Minneapolis

Historic Libraries

historic libraries wedding venues
Library wedding venue
Iconic libraries make the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated soiree with beautiful architectural details. If you love literature, you’ll totally fall for the idea of marrying in the midst of some of the world’s best love stories and classic tales.

Above: The George Peabody Library in Baltimore

Antique Stores

antique stores wedding venues
Antique store wedding venue
If you love antiques, then you might be sold pretty easily on the idea of an antique-store wedding.

Tree Houses

tree-house wedding venues
Tree house wedding venue
You can actually get married in a tree house. This is a great option for a more intimate affair, as these cottages usually hold a smaller number of guests. Talk about taking the woodland wedding theme to new heights!

Make your wedding an unforgettable experience!

Cheap Wedding Ideas: Tips on Planning your Wedding in a Budget

Cheap Wedding Ideas that might come Handy for your Wedding!

Thinking of an affordable wedding does not mean you don’t value your wedding or your relationship. Sometimes you need to be mindful of your finances for practical reasons. Cheap Wedding Ideas can guide you to save money and at the same time enjoy an intimate wedding.

Avoid guest list bloat.

Although you might be tempted to throw everyone you know on your guest list, that isn’t always a great idea. With each addition you make, you’re adding additional costs while also making your wedding less intimate.

To save as much as you can, try inviting fewer people and making the event more intimate. Start by whittling your list down by 20%, then another 20%. Then see if you’re happy with it.

Ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts.

Asking family and friends to offer help or services that align with their talents in lieu of a gift is a great way to keep your wedding on a budget.

Hold the ceremony at home, or outdoors.

Renting a building or function hall for your ceremony and reception can be very expensive. Instead, consider using your own home (or the home of a parent) for your ceremony, or perhaps a public park with a beautiful view.

Do the catering yourself, or hire a family-owned restaurant.

If this isn’t your forte, look around your community for a family-owned restaurant and ask the owners directly to cater your wedding. Family-owned restaurants are always the first place to check – they will almost always go the extra mile to make your wedding special and are generally more understanding of your particular budget needs.

Go minimal with the flowers.

Instead of spending boatloads of money on flowers that will die shortly after the reception, keep it simple but elegant — for instance, a single rose for each bridesmaid and a very small bouquet for the bride. If you know someone with a rose bush, you can actually make your own bouquets the day before the ceremony by cutting the roses yourself and trimming away the thorns.

Skip the groomsmen and bridesmaid gifts.

While it’s considered customary to give gifts to your groomsmen and bridesmaids in some circles, it isn’t always necessary. Instead of buying gifts they may not even want or enjoy, consider writing them a special note to say “thanks” instead. If your friends know that you’re trying to have a frugal wedding, they will understand.

Display ‘vendor cards’ in exchange for reduced rates.

If you’re hiring people to provide services for your reception (musicians, a DJ, florists, caterers, photographers, etc.), offer to advertise for them in exchange for reduced rates.

At the reception, put a small card by each person’s place setting that lists the businesses responsible for each service at the wedding, along with their contact information. Since this tends to be very effective advertising, many businesses will happily provide services at reduced rates in exchange for this opportunity.

Price shop for decorations – and consider buying used.

If you know what you’re looking for ahead of time, you can simply wait until it goes on sale and “pounce” when the time is right.

Buy dresses off the rack – and on sale.

If you want to save on bridesmaid dresses, try to avoid ordering custom dresses altogether. Instead, head to a few stores with dresses on sale and see if you can all find something “off the rack.”

Plan a simple honeymoon, not an ostentatious one.

A huge, over-the-top honeymoon might sound fun, but it’s far, far cheaper (and often more enjoyable) to stay closer to home.

Plan, plan, plan.

When you’re trying to have a wedding on a budget, it’s important to plan ahead. List everything you can think of and walk through these items step by step.

Don’t stress.

Something will probably go wrong at the last minute – a little detail of some sort won’t work out. For example, our pastor almost missed our rehearsal dinner, so we barely rehearsed.

Don’t worry about it. Just assume something little is going to go wrong and avoid the urge to throw money at the problem. Most likely, no one will even notice the little issue, and quite often someone in your wedding party (or someone helping out) will come up with a pretty good solution to fix things.

Congratulations! Good Luck on your Wedding!

Top Honeymoon Destinations

Top Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Honeymoon is the most exciting and relaxing part after the busy hustle of the wedding preparations and the wedding itself. It is also the best time for the couple to bond and be carefree, before going back to their day to day lives. It is important to mutually agree the destination based on budget and interest. Here are the world’s best top honeymoon destinations.

Camino Real Acapulco Diamante
top honeymoon destination
Camino Real defines the meaning of Mexican Hospitality with tradition, style and warmth, with hosting services in unbeatable locations.  Acapulco is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. The prices in Acapulco are affordable and can allow for an unforgettable honeymoon even on a tight budget.

The Bellagio Hotel

top honeymoon destinations
So maybe you didn’t escape to Las Vegas to elope, but who says you can’t celebrate your nuptials in this hot destination? Vegas is an ideal place for newlyweds looking for an action-packed and exciting honeymoon that still allows for the option of being pampered, all for a reasonable price. It is considered one of the most expensive honeymoon destinations, not because of the hotel fees but of the carefree gambling of course.
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
top honeymoon destinations
Surrounded by soaring mountain peaks, the majestic Victoria Glacier and a glistening emerald lake, the iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise hotel is located in Alberta’s Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is recognized globally for progressive environmental stewardship and responsible tourism. Fairmont Chateau offers an abundance of winter sports, creating a heavenly honeymoon haven for snow bunnies. This is considered as one of the most cuddle friendly honeymoon destinations.
Walt Disney World
top honeymoon destinations
There’s no better place for a fairy-tale honeymoon for the bride and her Prince Charming than at Walt Disney World Resorts. Newlyweds can choose from packages such as the honeymoon escape, the deluxe escape and the romantic escape, which combines time at a Disney resort with a cruise to the Bahamas. Packages include accommodations and park passes, as well as a choice of amenities such as honeymoon pictures at Disney sites or a couple’s spa treatment. True Disney fans can bring the whole wedding to Disney World with a customized-theme ceremony at the park. This is one of the honeymoon destinations makes you a kid at heart.
top honeymoon destinations
Even savvy world travelers can find fresh and enchanting destinations to celebrate a new life together — it just may require some more time onboard. One such spot is tucked away on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Amankila translates to “peaceful hill,” and this popular resort meets the expectations of its name. Overlooking the Lombok Strait in East Bali, the Amankila offers stunning views of the sea and a lovely 3-tiered pool. This is considered as the most peaceful and serene honeymoon destinations in the world.
The St. Regis Florence
top honeymoon destinations
If it’s romance you’re looking for, a trip to Florence, Italy, guarantees starry eyes, hearty meals, amazing art and much more. Like a room with a view? Housed in a former 18th-century palace overlooking the Arno River, the St. Regis Florence is oozing with Florentine culture. Rooms are still fit for royalty, decorated with frescoes and marble. The hotel is ideally situated near the picture-worthy Duomo cathedral, the splendid Uffizi Gallery and the shops at Ponte Vecchio. This is considered as one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world.
Caneel Bay Resort
top honeymoon destinations
Caneel Bay Resort is surrounded by 7 beaches and offers a wide range of pampering and activities. A visit to Honeymoon Beach is a must for all lovebirds. Some rooms have ocean views and patios that open right onto the beach, while the resort’s most extravagant lodging option is a private cottage. Daytime entertainment includes relaxing on the beach, scuba diving, kayaking and taking yoga-for-2 classes. The food is top-notch, and the Beach Terrace offers the highly praised grand buffet on Monday nights. This is has the best beach activities honeymoon destinations of the world.
Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa
top honeymoon destinations
Nestled on a powder-white beach and a crystal-blue lagoon, Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa invites newlyweds to revel in post-wedding privacy in bungalows perched above the water on high stilts. Take a romantic dip or snorkel anytime right from the swimming platform. And with full views of the lagoon, you can catch a surreal sunrise without leaving your room. Couples can relax and be pampered at the resort’s Hina Spa, which overlooks the lagoon with breathtaking panoramic views.
Hyatt Regency Aruba Beach Resort & Casino
top honeymoon destinations
Aruba is an ideal destination, thanks to its near-perfect weather and beautiful beaches. Only 20 miles long and 6 miles wide, this small space is packed with enough beaches, restaurants, nightclubs and casinos to delight even the most finicky members of the just-married set. At the Hyatt Regency, the focus is on serenity by day, when couples can enjoy the island’s fine beaches, the pool complex and the spa, and on action at night, when the nearby clubs and the on-site casino come alive. Meet Lady Luck, but be careful not to lose your shirt while gambling amid a party that re-creates the feeling of Rio at Carnival time.
Four Seasons Resort Hualalai
top honeymoon destinations
Say “aloha” to romance at this Four Seasons resort, where you can spend your days lounging by the adults-only Palm Grove Pool or exploring the natural King’s Pond pool before heading off to the luxurious spa for a relaxing couple’s massage. The Ultimate Honeymoon Package offers a rental car for your stay, a romantic private dinner on the beach (1 night only) and breakfast daily. Guests can indulge their senses during the day, unwind at sunset with a mai tai at the Beach Tree Bar, and then go to the second-floor Makai Terrace for an intimate, first-class dinner overlooking the ocean.

Photos are courtesy of Travel Channel

They are great for honeymoon but these destination are great for weddings as well. Happy Planning!


Vintage Inspired Country Wedding

Shamira and Erik were married in a vintage inspired wedding in a Victorian winery. We got to speak to Shamira about organising a wedding in seven months and what she enjoyed most about her special day with Erik.

1. What you do for work:

Shamira is a cashier at Woolworths and Erik works as an associate lecturer.

Pink and Red Wedding 10

2. Tell us a little about the proposal and the lead up to the wedding?

We were on holiday in Seychelles. We were standing on one of the world’s most photographed beaches, Anse Source D’Argent. He proposed to me there. We organised the wedding within seven months, fairly easily without too much stress.

Pink and Red Wedding 5

3. What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme or vibe?

We wanted a wedding that was inspired by a vintage and country theme.

Pink and Red Wedding 3

4. Favourite detail or moment of the day (besides becoming husband and wife of course! or Wife and Wife, or Husband and Husband!):

The ceremony, location was just beautiful.  The scenery was breathtaking.

Pink and Red Wedding 11

Pink and Red Wedding 9

5. Did you undertake any DIY projects, if so what?

We made the basket for our flower girl and we decorated old jars to use as vases at the reception.

6. What does marriage mean to you?

For us, it is mainly about uniting two people as one.

Pink and Red Wedding 1

7. Talk to us about your dress, where is it from? How long did it take to find?

Fortunately, it only took me two days of dress shopping to find it! The dress was from Raffaele Ciuca, I loved it straight away.

Pink and Red Wedding 2

Pink and Red Wedding 6

8. Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Don’t stress on the day, and just enjoy it. The day goes so quickly, it’ll be over before you know it!

Pink and Red Wedding 8

Pink and Red Wedding 4


Photos: Dreamlife

Bridal gown: Raffaele Ciuca

Veil / hair piece: veil from Raffaele Ciuca, hairpiece from Linda Gorringe Couture

Shoes: Zu Shoes

Flowers: Red Earth Flowers

Rings: Benjamin Jewellery 

Jewellery/Accessories: Linda Gorringe and Forever New

Grooms and Groomsmen suits: Peter Jackson 

Bow ties / ties: Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal

Ceremony, Reception and catering: Killara Estate, Seville East

Cake: Choice Cakes 

Cake topper: Red Earth Flowers

Reception stylist/any decorations/details: Red Earth Flowers as well as our own decorations.

Stationery designer: Classic Wedding Invitations 

Hair and Make up: Hair by a private hairdresser, Make Up by Make Up Style Melbourne 

Music: DJ Stick Mareebo 

Celebrant: Kirk Goodsell 

Transport: Caddyman

Cinematographer: Dreamlife

Any vendors we have forgotten? 

Also forgot to mention, bomboniere was by Kelly Beans and we had small honey jars.




Beach Wedding: The Bahamas

Julia shares her beach wedding advice!

Julia and Mr. K enjoyed their perfect beach wedding in the Bahamas. A lot of the decisions they made leading up to the day meant that it was an intimate and personalised ceremony. Julia chatted to us about her best tips for your wedding day and things she would have done differently if she had the chance.

Beach Wedding 14

1. What you do for work?

Mr. K is a software developer and I am his marketing/creative director/professional wife/travel planner/travel blogger, and a designer at heart.

Beach Wedding 19

2. Tell us a little about the proposal and the lead up to the wedding?

The proposal itself was a complete surprise to me because it was St. Valentine’s weekend and we both thought it would be corny if we got engaged on that date. When I found out he was taking me to Paris, THAT was a surprise in itself. I was so thankful, jetlagged, and shocked that I forgot to suspect anything. He ended up proposing on February 12th, in a French café during a rainy evening.

Beach Wedding 15

3. What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? 

Mr. K was the one who wanted a beach ceremony somewhere hot. Since Hawaii was too far for almost everyone, we picked Bahamas since it sounded so nice. I wanted to keep it simple and budget friendly. The only “splurge” I was ready for was a photographer. Even that was a subject of vigorous search.

Beach Wedding 12

4. Favorite detail and moment of the day (besides becoming husband and wife of course!)

There were three moments that I still remember and smile:

First was when I cried when I was saying my vows. I thought people are overly dramatic when they cried. It just poured out of me to my own surprise. Turns out there is something sacredly special in accepting the person standing in front of you for the rest of your (my) life.

Beach Wedding 5

Second was the almost toothless local personality who was marrying us. He was cracking up jokes and had a very warm charm about him. He made our parents join their hands together in unity, which was very sweet.

Beach Wedding 6

The third was the moment when Mr. K lost his ring in the ocean when I was trashing the dress. I found it in the sand sparkling moments later, right after he said: “Oh shit, the ring just came off”. Turns out it was a bit big for him and water mixed with weight made it slip.

Beach Wedding 1

5. Did you undertake any DIY projects, if so what?

I had a giant flower on a clip in my hair that I made from a fake flower from Michael’s craft store. I could not find any decent flower to put into my hair so I had to make it myself. Makeup, manicure, and hair was done either by myself or with the help of my sister and mother.

Beach Wedding 4

6. Any family or religious traditions incorporated into your day?

I come from a Russian-Jewish background so for me it was a must to dance our family dance “Hava Nagila”. It was a lot of fun because we have our own spin on it.

Beach Wedding 2

7. What does marriage mean to you?

I got married to Mr. K because I was ready to commit to him and spend my life supporting him and being with him. It was my official way of saying: “I am yours forever”. Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to marry them. Marriage, for me, is a life story of family that I am trying to build. We are no longer two individuals in love, we have a common goal, we become a unit as of that moment.

Beach Wedding 7

8. Talk to us about your dress, where is it from? How long did it take to find?

I found and bought my wedding dress in under three hours. I bought it on special from BCBG. It had to have some alterations done because the skirt was see-through. Since I was doing “trash the dress” in the ocean, there was no point in spending lots of money on it. At the same time, I wanted it to look nice for pictures.

Beach Wedding 18

Beach Wedding 3

9. Any funny stories in the lead up to or on the day?

There was a rumour that I was pregnant because I had to add straps for my chest. Truth be told, I just didn’t want the dress to slip down when it is wet and heavy and for anything to pop out while active in the water. I also had to redo my manicure three times because it kept being badly done.

Beach Wedding 17

Beach Wedding 16

10. Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Do whatever makes YOU happy. You do not have to spend a huge amount to be happy or impress anyone. Chances are everyone will forget about being impressed anyway.

If I had to do it again I would not do it in Bahamas and instead would go to Mexico or Cuba: the same ocean, better beaches, and better service, less expensive.

Research your photographer well, very well.

If you have more than 10 people at the wedding, it might be nice to invest into an entertainment program.

No “cupcake” dresses for beach weddings, keep it very light and simple, you may actually drown from the dress getting wet and heavy!

Ask your family to put down their cameras or not take them to the ceremony at all. The photographer is there for a reason. 

Beach Wedding 13

Beach Wedding 8


Photography: Mario Nixon Photography 

Bridal gown: BCBG MAXAZRIA Montreal store

Veil / hair piece: I made it myself from but bought supplies from Michael’s craft store. 

Shoes: Michael Kors Toronto store

Flowers: local florist provided by the hotel

Rings: Engagement and ceremony rings were bought from White Flash

Jewellery/Accessories: My mother in law earrings and my grandmother’s pearl pendant.

Bridesmaids dresses: dressy casual attire

Grooms suit: a gift from his dad, no name brand

Grooms Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Groomsmen suits: casual attire, no ties or bow ties.

Ceremony, reception, catering and cake all provided by the hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island Hotel 

Cake topper: Michael’s Craft Store

Reception stylist / any decorations / details: all provided by the hotel

Hair and make up: my mom and myself

Music: every single song was provided by me to the DJ.

Celebrant: none

Transport: none

Cinematographer: none

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