Same-Sex Marriage: The Vote of Freedom to Love

Australia Legalize Same-sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia. Same-sex marriage in Australia has been legal since 9 December 2017. It was official on January 9, 2018, because of Australia’s one-month notice policy before marriage.The legislation to allow same-sex marriage, the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017, passed the Australian Parliament on 7th December 2017 and received royal assent from the Governor-General the following day after years of political jockeying and fierce public debate. The law came into effect on 9 December, immediately recognising overseas same-sex marriages and allowing weddings in Australia to take place from 16 December 2017.

Other types of recognition for same-sex couples are also available. Under federal law, same-sex couples can also be recognised as de facto relationships, which provide most of the same rights and responsibilities afforded to married couples, although those rights may be difficult to assert and are not always recognised in practice. De Facto [Relationship] is comparable to non-marital relationship contracts (sometimes called “Palimony Agreements”) and certain limited forms of domestic partnership, which are found in many jurisdictions throughout the world.

The move follows a two-month national postal survey that showed 61% of more than 12 million respondents were in favor of marriage equality.

The country is now the 24th in the world to allow same-sex couples to marry, according to Pew Research.

Here at Classic Wedding Invitations, we support same-sex marriage. We offer same-sex wedding invites.

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What are the Common Wedding Guests Complaints That You Need to Know!

Common Wedding Guests Complaints

There are common wedding guests complaints that you need to consider. Though your wedding is all about you as a couple celebrating your marriage, it is also a celebration you share with your wedding guests: family, friends, and colleagues. Guests may have a bad wedding experience that makes their memory of the event seriously tainted. It’s important to keep your guests comfortable, happy and entertained because although it’s your big day, they’re there to witness it and celebrate it with you.

We all know the saying “You can’t please everyone”! While that may be true, these types of guest criticisms are easily avoided by careful planning — and addressing them now will make everyone’s memories of your wedding day so much nicer.

Here are some wedding guests complaints below.

The music was TOO LOUD!

wedding guests complaints

Move tables and chairs away from speakers and seat older guests further from the sound equipment.

There are way too long and too many Speeches!

wedding guests complaints

Keep speeches under five minutes. Ideally, they should last between two and five minutes. Let the toastees know in advance that you don’t want them to stress about writing a novel of a speech, so the cheat sheet version will do just fine. Your DJ can signal a musical cue if it’s time to wrap things up, just like the Oscars.

We didn’t know anyone at our table.

wedding guests complaints

Take the time to carefully plan your seating arrangement, placing guests at tables with others they know. They don’t have to be fast friends, just acquaintances or people with some kind of connection. Try to seat out-of-town guests, who aren’t likely to know anyone, with others having similar interests.

Invitation confusion

wedding guests complaints

There is nothing more frustrating than when a guest assumes they’re receiving a plus-one you had no intention of inviting. Don’t dodge the question—it will only make things more awkward. I’d recommend addressing the miscommunication kindly. Please don’t tell someone who thought their children could come that you “can’t have them there because weddings with kids are tacky” (true story). Avoid confusion by writing the names of the guests you want to invite on the response card and having them check off a “will attend” or “will not attend” box.

The bride and groom didn’t stop by to say hello.

Make the rounds of guest tables at your reception, but don’t spend too much time at each. A quick greeting, thank you or compliment will suffice.

The centerpiece was too large.

Your guests couldn’t see or talk to others seated across the table. Smaller, shorter arrangements are best. Your centerpiece shouldn’t be the center of attention (or main topic of conversation) at the table.

The food isn’t great or lack thereof.

Why would you bother spending thousands of your flowers if your food is going to taste just okay? We want a delicious meal way more than we want pretty centerpieces. If it’s not as good as something we’d have at a restaurant, we’re going to be disappointed. Even if the food is tasty, don’t make us go hungry.

No bride wants to give her guests a stomachache—arrange for a food tasting before you carefully plan your menu. Not even spectacular décor can compensate for rubbery chicken or blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shrimp. Ask about food allergies or dietary requirements ahead of time. It’s also important to make sure they don’t run out of food at the cocktail hour. If you’re only having dessert or some light nibbles, that’s fine, but please mention it to your guests (especially if you’re having the party at mealtime).

 I was offended that I had to pay for drinks.

Open bars are the accepted norm. If your budget is tight, offer wine and beer only — or limit drink choices to ‘call’ brands. You can also close the bar during the dinner hour to save on costs. An emerging trend is to create a ‘signature’ drink and offer it along with beer & wine only.

I was never thanked for my gift!

No matter how tempting it is to scrap the thank-you cards (who has the hand stamina for that?) guests WILL notice if you don’t send one. Split the duties with your husband and break it up into manageable chunks so that it doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.

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Groom’s Wedding Vow to His Bride – Inspiration Ideas

Wedding Vow to His Bride

A wedding vow is a solemn promise to forever. Most men are not expressive as women. They rarely show love and affection. Making your wedding vow is the most personal way to express how deep is your love to your wife. We want to help you in writing them.

Here are some wedding vow ideas to your bride:

wedding vow

“Come and be my wife. We’ll build our home and chop our wood and make our garden grow… we’ll do the best we know. I promise to live out our lives in love as best we can. That is all I can promise in truth.”

“I stand by you, a rock to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, a pillow to rest your head.”

“I promise to spend each day working to become the truest version of myself, for you, for us, and for our family.”

“I promise to be here to wipe away tears of sadness, to elicit tears of joy, and to cry out to everyone who will listen how much I love you.”

“As your husband, I am yours, and I tenderly deliver you my heart.”

“You are my light, my inspiration, and I am blessed to be able to call you my ever loving wife.”

“I promise to be there for you, in cold winter mornings, to warm you, on soft springs to watch our love grow, in our summers to play in the light of the sun, and in our autumn to kiss your fingers and say, it has all been worth it – every moment of our love.”

“I love you and thank the Lord for bringing you into my life. As we enter into the sacred bonds of matrimony I promise to always love you in sickness as in health, in poverty or wealth, in sorrow and in joy, and to be faithful to you, my wife, so long as we both shall live.”

“You are the kindest, most, sincere, loveliest woman I know and I am lucky to hold your hand, be in your arms and in your heart. If you will have me, I will make my arms your shelter, and my heart our home.”

“I vow to love you and keep you every day of my life as my wife – to look into your eyes adoringly as I do now – and to kiss you tenderly on your lips as a remembrance of our wedding day.”

“My wife is gentle, my wife is kind, my wife is devoted, loving, true, honest, sincere. My wife is all those things, but most amazingly – my wife is you.”

“The simple words “I do” reflect a contract I have with you, my wife. To do whatever and anything it takes to make you happy, to take action in our marriage and not just give lip service to those actions, but most of all that I do love you, and always will.”

“I will shield you from the wind, cover you from the rain, and make a home for us inside my heart.”

“Sometimes I watch just the smallest things you do and think I am the luckiest man alive.”

“As Beatrice inspired the great poet Dante to write sonnet after sonnet, you inspire me to see poetry everywhere.”

wedding vow
Jenna and Todd’s Wedding

“Sound in body, sober in mind and without reservation I take you to be my wife, through good times and bad, with dignity and honor – I love you, I cherish you, you are my everything.”

“Today all other things melt away as I look at you and love you beyond all reason and beyond all ideal – I stand outside by myself and join with you my loving wife in our new life.”

“I vow to love you as your husband, for ever and ever and ever, and to know that as we write our story together it will be the greatest ever told.”

“You are my wife, my life, my everything and I vow to love you truly and deeply.”

“Hold my hand and I’ll take you as my wife down the road of matrimony, arm in arm with hearts aflame, I’ll teach you what I know and learn from you how to love forever and ever.”

“I vow never to stop loving you as I do today. To carry the warmth of our love over years through difficult times, up hills and over oceans. To be the bannerman of our love and yell to the wide open spaces filling them with these words: This is my wife and I love her!”

“From you I’ve learned how to dream and what it is to have a loving partner who supports your dreams. I vow to help you in your dreams and desires, and to create a life, a family, and a loving home as your husband.”

“I vow to be patient, to be honest, to be everything that love demands of me as a husband. To share our lives until the end of time with humility, grace, and love.”

“This day is the best day of my life – it is the day I pledge myself to my best friend, and my love. It is the day we enter together onto a path of marriage – supporting each other in everything.”

“I promise you only all of myself – to be present – to be supportive, enthusiastic, and loving. I will be there for you as your husband.”

“Today I affirm my love for you, and vow to share my life with you in everything – to respect and love you. You are the most generous person I have ever known – kind, honest, and beautiful. I take you to be my wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health from this day forward you shall be first in my heart and our souls shall be together as one.”

“As your husband I promise to love you without reservation, to comfort you when times are difficult, to rally with you, to anticipate your needs, to give my all, to work toward our happiness and revel in our good times. I will respect you, honor you, and cherish you as long as we both shall live.”

“Today I take you to be my wife and vow to help create for us a life of honesty, fidelity, trust, and love. To love you not as some idea of you, but as you truly are. To grow with you, learn with you, and to live out our days hand in hand.”

“The love I bear for you burns brightly – so bright and so hot that it creates its own star – a place in the firmament where our love warms us everyday. I vow to feed that warmth – to let us flow over us for all time and to never let our star stop lighting our path.”

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite. That is truly how I love you as my wife – boundless and free.”

We hope this help you in creating your wedding vows. It doesn’t need to be complicated. The most important thing is speak from your heart, vow from your heart and everything will fall into place.

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Romantic Wedding Vows to Him – Bride to her Groom

Wedding Vows To The Groom

Wedding vows are everlasting promise of love. The pressure of writing your vows can be nerve racking. Plus, the pressure of planning and choosing the perfect wedding dress, in laws, finances and so much more. Finding the right words to say that wholly encompass your love and devotion is an extremely important part of getting married. Speaking from the heart with words full of romance is a great way to tell your significant other that you pledge your love.

wedding vows
Credits to

Struggling in writing your wedding vows? Here are some samples for inspiration:

“I love you without fear, without hesitation, and promise to support you, encourage you, and cherish you as your wife.”

“As your wife, I am yours, I pledge my heart and soul to you and you alone.”

“Live with me, laugh with me, love with me, and I will be your devoted wife forevermore.”

“I promise to be a nurturing wife, compassionate companion, and to always be on your side, always.”

“Your mind stirs my soul, your touch delights me, and your faith gives me strength. With you as my husband, I feel the love of the universe which spreads peace and harmony over all things.”

“I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”- Angelita Lim

“You are my family, and I want to be there for you in all things, I am so excited to be your wife and share in every moment – not only the good times, but the learning experiences too. I vow to take from every moment the opportunity to love, to nurture, and to grow – and to never forget how lucky I am.”

“It is clear to me now that everything in my life has led me to you – I think back on all my choices and consider even the bad ones blessed, because if I had done even one thing differently, I might never have met you and become your wife.”

“The ring is a symbol of our unity – an eternal unbroken circle and it embodies my promise that wherever I may go, I will always return to you, my husband.”

“Marriage is a verb – it is not something that happens in a moment, but rather something that takes a lifetime. At this moment we pledge to be married for all time, to join our hearts on the journey of marriage. It is how we love each and every day.”

“I love you utterly, completely and madly – I love the way you look at me – I love to gaze into your eyes. It is only natural that I should always be with you as your wife.”

“I take you as my husband and promise to be true to you.”

“I take you as my husband for now and forever more, without any reservation, I give myself freely and with conviction that we will live out our days in wedded bliss.”

“May the ring I give you today remind you all our days of this wonderful moment – and the love we feel for each other that will last all time.”

“Love is not blind, in fact love sees all. I love all of you – your faults and flaws cast a beautiful light – like the flaws of a precious jewel. You are my husband, you are my treasure and I love you for all time.”

“I give you all I have – the stars and the moon and all my wishes, and as your wife, all I long for in return is the touch of your hands on mine as we sit and watch the sun gently set on the horizon, and whisper to each other, this is going to be the best day of our lives. Each and every night.”

“I vow to need you – to say goodnight, to kiss me on the eyelids, to have and adore even when you feel down. At any time, in any place I want only to be by your side.”

“Marriage is a symphony of grace orchestrated by almighty God, reflecting His love to mankind.”

“I promise to challenge you to be everything I know you can be, to never be trapped in despair, to always see in yourself what I see in you, an amazing man, my husband, for whom I will always feel the greatest pride and admiration.”

wedding vows
Photo credit: Winsome & Wright

“You are my love, and my guide, a true partner, a man that I will love, hold close, honor, kiss, and cry with for all the days of my life.”

“We simply work together. Our love knits perfectly, each part connecting honestly with truth. As your wife I promise to continue to discover new ways we compliment each other with love and devotion always.”

“I take you as my husband, and pledge a vow of honesty and fidelity. It is one I give willingly, easily, gracefully, at this moment and for our whole lives.”

“As we join our lives together let us vow to live in truth, to always communicate fully, to hold each other against the wind, to feel our hearts joined as one. To you I give myself and everything I will ever be.”

“Wherever our journey leads us, I promise to walk with you arm in arm, hand in hand, to hold you as your wife and to learn from you, love you, and surprise you, forever.”

“What I love most about you is your kindness and compassion, I vow to encourage you to let yourself shine through your dreams and look forward to helping shape our lives together into the adventure that we will take. Your soul shines down on me and I vow to tend to you – to keep your soul bright and to offer love all our lives.”

“I believe in you and in everything you want to be. I believe in us – in our power as a couple, in our future as a family, I believe in myself, that within myself I am capable of loving you the way you deserve. I believe that you and I should spend all our days together, me as your wife, I believe in you as my husband. I believe we were meant to be.”

“One lifetime to pledge to you is not enough. You are my partner, my friend, my lover, my hero. to you I pledge trust, understanding, and to raise you up when you are weary, to hold you, to love you always.”

“You are the love of my life and make me the happiest woman on earth. Happier than I could ever have imagined. And I feel blessed to start our lives together.”

“It was an inexplicable force that brought us together – when I first saw you and saw how wonderful you were, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise to always be your loving wife and to feel that kind of love every day of our lives.”

“I love your sense of adventure and the way you always brighten my day. I vow to join with you in this journey as your wife with an open heart and to make even the smallest of our accomplishments – eating breakfast or changing a light bulb – into an exciting part of our lives together.”

We hope this help you in creating your wedding vows. It doesn’t need to be complicated. The most important thing is speak from your heart, vow from your heart and everything will fall into place.

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How to Avoid Stress Fights While Wedding Planning

Avoid Stress Fights While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be very stressful and time consuming. While the high-pressure nature of prepping this very special event is typically short-lived, the stress it causes can sometimes create tension in your relationship—which is totally normal.

Here are a few romantic ideas to help you reconnect as a couple:

1. Make time to have a romantic stress free dates – keep this during marriage.

Wedding Planning

Check one worry off your to-do list, and turn a night out for dinner and dancing into a weekly standing date to prepare for your first twirl together as husband and wife. It’s also the best time to reconnect with your partner.

2. Walk down memory lane.

Wedding Planning

If money is tight thanks to a wedding budget that magnetizes any extra cash, skip going out for a night of reminiscing over old love letters and pictures from when you first started dating. Reliving those times is a good reminder of what the day to come is really all about.

3. Sweat it out.

It’s no secret that exercise is a great stress reliever. Instead of working out alone, buddy up with your mate and take a spinning class together or get active.

Wedding Planning

4. Exploring the great outdoors together.

Do hiking, biking and kayaking in tandem.

5. Get away.

Who says you have to wait until you’re married to plan a vacation that’s all about the two of you? Just as expecting parents take babymoons before the little ones arrive, treat yourself to a long weekend minimoon before your wedding day. If your honeymoon is set in a beach destination, for example, use your minimoon for scuba-diving lessons, allowing you more adventure time together.

6. Create your vows together.

Wedding Planning

Even if you haven’t officially said your vows to one another yet, practice living them every day leading up to “I do.” When you’re feeling run down, remember what the words really mean, and commit yourself to the promises you intend to make.

Final note:

Always find time to rekindle the relationship and focus on each other.

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10 Sweetest Movie Engagement Proposals That Makes You Warm and Fussy Inside

10 Sweetest Movie Engagement Proposals

Movie engagement proposals are a great source of inspiration for all lovers out there. They may not be real but most likely they are based on real human experience or from the creative minds of the writers.

As they say, you will know when you are ready when the time comes. It’s time to get down on one knee and break out a ring. Here are some cute, heart warming proposal from Movies all time.

Are you ready to pop the question now? There is nothing more special than the feeling and the expression of love.

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Interested in Marrying on Halloween? – Spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas

Halloween Wedding Ideas

Who would get married on Halloween? Well, believe it or not, there are a lot of couples who do. A Halloween wedding is unconventional but it’s worth considering if both of you as couple love the Gothic and spooky theme. Some might consider this cringe worthy but at the end of the day, anyone wants to have a unique and fun wedding.

Here are some photos of actual weddings featured on

Classic Halloween Wedding

The men donned classic orange ties before changing into hilarious pumpkin ones for the reception. Mini pumpkins were used as escort cards, and skulls made surprise appearances throughout the room’s décor. The dramatic centerpieces were adorned with branches and hanging candles. And, of course, no Halloween theme wedding is complete without a candy buffet.

halloween wedding
Tamara and Jason’s Wedding

Quirky Halloween Wedding

Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Burtonesque details added to the spook factor of their Halloween wedding. After the ceremony, the couple and their bridal party headed to a cemetery for some creepy/cool photos. The reception chairs resembled spider webs, and their whimsical wedding cake was the perfect fit.

Halloween Wedding
Thomas and Patricia’s Wedding

Modern Halloween Wedding

Subtle Halloween details throughout! Guests loved the elaborate trick-or-treat candy buffet. And the party kept going after the reception: Laurin and Brett threw a costume party, and you have to see the creative costumes their guests came up with!

Halloween Wedding
Laurin and Brett Wedding

Rustic Halloween Wedding

The bride wore fairy wings that perfectly complemented her bridal look, and the adorable flower girls carried pumpkins down the aisle. Their laid-back vibe included games (tic-tac-toe with pumpkins, pumpkin bowling, and more) and a Halloween scavenger hunt for the kids.

Halloween Wedding
Aspen and Brad’s Wedding

Vintage Halloween Wedding

Lyndsay’s bold red gown fit in perfectly with her theme. And, of course, guests were treated to a candy buffet at the end of the night.

Halloween Wedding
Lyndsay and Michael’s Wedding

Bewitching Halloween Wedding

Guests got in the spirit with fun costumes, and from the coffin ring holder to the skeleton cake topper, the celebration gave off a wonderful haunted house vibe.

Halloween Wedding
Kristen and David’s Wedding

Scary Halloween Wedding

The ceremony began on the outdoor lawn before guests retreated inside The Cooper House for an eerie dinner beneath dangling witches hats. After dinner, they were ushered into the old general store on property for a hauntingly good time at the reception.

Halloween Wedding
Erin and Eric’s Wedding

Pretty interesting huh? Would you get married on the scariest time of the year?

Top Songs For Your Mother-Son Wedding Dance – The list

Mother-Son Wedding Dance Songs

One of the most touching scenes of the wedding is the mother-son wedding dance. Like the father-daughter dance, the mother-son song should have meaningful lyrics and a melody and rhythm that are easy enough to dance to.

Aside from selecting from the best first dance wedding songs, you can also make this moment special for your parents too, especially your mum. Traditionally, the dancing portion of the wedding reception is kicked off with the newlyweds first dance and the parent-child dances. Although the father-daughter dance may get more attention, the mother-son first dance is just as special and is the best way to make mum feel important.

Here are some tops songs for mother-son wedding dance:

Ballad Mother Son Dance Songs

Song Title Song Artist
Unforgettable Nat King Cole
L-O-V-E Nat King Cole
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
Let It Be Beatles
Your Song Elton John
Landslide Fleetwood Mac
Just The Way You Are Billy Joel
Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton
You’re The Inspiration Chicago
Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler
With or Without You U2
I Hope You Dance Lee Ann Womack

Oldies Mother Son Dance Songs

Song Title Song Artist
Stand By Me Ben E. King
In My Life Beatles
God Only Knows Beach Boys
Summer Wind Frank Sinatra
All You Need Is Love Beatles
I’ll Be There Jackson 5
Into The Mystic Van Morrison
Colour My World Chicago
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Roberta Flack
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life Stevie Wonder
Longer Dan Fogelberg
She’s Got a Way Billy Joel
The Wonder of You Elvis Presley

Country Mother Son Dance Songs

Song Title Song Artist
You Decorated My Life Kenny Rogers
Through the Years Kenny Rogers
Always On My Mind Willie Nelson
The Dance Garth Brooks
Just To See You Smile Tim McGraw
It’s Your Song Garth Brooks
He Gets That From Me Reba McEntire
God’s Been Good to Me Keith Urban
There You’ll Be Faith Hill
Never Alone Lady Antebellum
My Wish Rascal Flatts
Don’t Blink Kenny Chesney
Mama’s Song Carrie Underwood

Now that you have this list, we hope this can help you select the perfect song for your mom. You may also checkout our blog on How to Choose Your Wedding Songs – The Ultimate Guide

Top Songs For Your Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

The best song for a father-daughter wedding dance will have all the right elements: It’s something sweet and meaningful that’s great to dance to. It’s also a song that touches all “the feels”.

We compiled top father-daughter wedding dance songs of all time:

  1. “A Song for My Daughter” by Ray Allaire
  2. “Always Be Your Baby” by Natalie Grant
  3. “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle
  4. “Daddy Dance With Me” by Krystal Keith
  5. “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn
  6. “Daddy’s Little Girl” Michael Bublé
  7. “Daughters” by John Mayer
  8. “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn
  9. “Father and Daughter” by Paul Simon
  10. “When You Need Me” by Bruce Springsteen
    “Forever” by The Beach Boys
  11. “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton
  12. “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys
  13. “I Loved Her First” by Heartland
  14. “Lullaby” by Billy Joel
  15. “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” by Darius Rucker
  16. “My Girl” by The Temptations
  17. “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw
  18. “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts
  19. “One in a Million” by Larry Graham
  20. “She’s a Rainbow” by The Rolling Stones
  21. “She’s Leaving Home” by The Beatles
  22. “Stealing Cinderella” by Chuck Wicks
  23. “Today I Give My Daughter Away” by Dale Watson & His Lone Stars
  24. “To Sir With Love” by Lulu
  25. “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole
  26. “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks
  27. “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty
  28. “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler
  29. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong
  30. “You Are My Sunshine” by Johnny Cash
  31. “Gracie” by Ben Folds
  32. “My Darling” by Wilco
  33. “Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant
  34. “Daughter” by Loudon Wainwright
  35. “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder
  36. “Ain’t That Love” by Ray Charles
  37. “It’s For My Dad” by Nancy Sinatra
  38. “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley
  39. “I Wish You Love” by Frank Sinatra
  40. “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel
  41. “Daddy” by Beyonce
  42. “Walk With You” by Edwin McCain

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Is It Okay to Invite your Ex as Your Wedding Guest? Why or Why not?

Ex as Your Wedding Guest

This is quite a controversial issue when inviting your ex as your wedding guest. I mean why would you invite someone that broke your heart in the past? Your wedding day is all about celebrating you and your partner’s love for each other—so how does an ex fit into that situation?

There are some cases that it’s alright to invite your Ex. Here are some considerations:

  • It was more of a childhood/middle school/high school relationship and it’s 100 percent laughable, done with and drama-free now.
  • If he/she is part of your circle and everyone is 100% comfortable with it.
  • If your ex is a former spouse and you have children together who will be at the wedding. That is you and your ex should be on extremely good terms and you both feel it’s good to have both parents there to reaffirm and support that this is a good thing.

Most cases, ex should be excluded as a wedding guest if:

  • Everyone is not 100 percent comfortable with it.  You don’t want your guests’ eyebrows to be raised the whole evening as to why your former boyfriend/girlfriend is present, don’t invite them.
  • You’ll be worried about how they’ll act. Ask yourself these questions: Can your ex be trusted to politely and respectfully enjoy the evening without any supervision? Is your ex delightful as can be sober, but a totally different person drunk? Absolutely avoid any potential sad, nostalgic tears, or even worse, aggressive parking lot fights at the after-party.
  • You’ll be worried how their date will act.
  • You’ll have trouble introducing them. If the only way you think of them is as your ex, it’s going to be awkward for everyone involved—and definitely not the day to do it.

Please take time to consider inviting your ex to your wedding. This could be detrimental to your marriage even before it begins.

What about you? Would you invite your ex to your wedding? Please share and comment down below.

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