Get Inspired – Wedding Proposal Insight!

February 13, 2015 | By Classic Wedding Invitations

Wedding Proposal Insight!

Todays wedding proposal insight comes from Dan, a soon-to-be groom who decided to take the next step in his relationship and propose to his beautiful partner of 5 years, Kahlia!

1. When did you decide Kahlia was the one? I can’t remember the exact date but probably a few years ago, I was just waiting for the right time.

2. Did you have a few different ideas for the proposal (if so what were they) or did you know straight away?
When I knew we would be in Hawaii with all of our friends I made the decision that it would be the best time to do it. Then it was just about researching different locations and I eventually found the right spot, which was Diamond Head.

wedding proposal

3. What was involved in preparing for the proposal, or was it spontaneous? Did you have any friends assist you or other members of the community? After I found the right spot I just had to make sure everyone was there at the same time. I did tell one of my friends what was going to happen so he could film it.

4. What did it feel like when you popped the question? I was pretty nervous but it definitely felt right.

wedding proposal

5.How did you hide the ring from her, did she almost find it? I had to smuggle the ring from Australia to the U.S. But I was more concerned with customs pulling it out in front of her. I had a back up plan that if that did happen, I would just drop to one knee at airport security.

6.Was Kahlia at all suspicious that it was coming? No, she said she had no idea.

7.Do you have any photos of the actual proposal? Yes, we were lucky enough to get it on video.

8.How did you choose the ring? Did she give you any clues before at all? Where did you get it from? Kahlia showed me a picture of a ring she liked a few years ago, so I just remembered what it looked like. I then sourced a vintage ring from the 1920’s that was really similar. I had it sent over from San Francisco. The store was called Lang Antiques.

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